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Peertechz Journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Research

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Archives of Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine is the medical practice designed to avert and avoid disease. Preventive medicine... Read More

Global Journal of Allergy

Global Journal of Allergy is an open access, international, a peer reviewed distinguished journal wh... Read More

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The Annals of Molecular and Genetic Medicine is an international academic journal publishing rigorou... Read More

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Assessment of Chromium Oxide Nanoparticles Intake in Rattus norvegicus by Primary Renal Function Markers and RBC Architecture Global Journal of Zoology
Long Pentraxin PTX 3 and Faecal Calprotectin as a Non Invasive Biomarkers for Ulcerative Colitis Archives of Clinical Gastroenterology
Complications from Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding: 364 Cases Experience Global Journal of Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
ACTH Level and Sodium-Potassium Ratio in Screening of Primary Canine Hypoadrenocorticism International Journal of Veterinary Science and Research
Asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome Developed in Herbal Tea Processor with Sensitizer-Induced Occupational Asthma – A Case Report Global Journal of Allergy
The Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of Klebsiella pneumoniae Clinic Isolates: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis Open Journal of Bacteriology
Menstrual Stem cells Journal of Gynecological Research and Obstetrics
An Unusual Case of Melioidosis with Psoas Abscess Global Journal of Medical and Clinical Case Reports
Study of Resting Energy Expenditure and Weight Changes during Pregnancy Global Journal of Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
Serum Procalcitonin Level is a Useful Predictor of Dilating Vesicoureteral Refl ux in Patients with First Febrile Urinary Tract Infection Archives of Clinical Nephrology
Survival Determinants in Endometrial Cancer Patients: 5-Years Experience Archives of Nursing Practice and Care
Cross-Reactivity of Non-Neutralizing Antibodies to Dengue and Zika Viruses: Implications for Vaccination Archives of Preventive Medicine
Comparison of Anti-Glycation Capacity of Two New Purple-Colored- Leaf Tea Cultivars with an Ordinary Green-Colored-Leaf Tea Cultivar in Taiwan Global Journal of Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
Amisulpride in Refractory Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia Annals of Alzheimer's and Dementia Care
Largemouth Bass Pond Culture in China: A Review International Journal of Veterinary Science and Research
Freshwater Snail Distribution Related to Physicochemical Parameters and Aquatic Macrophytes in Giza and Kafr El-Shiekh Governorates, Egypt International Journal of Veterinary Science and Research
New Methods to Remove Rhizoplane Bacterial DNA of Banana Open Journal of Bacteriology
To Find out the Essentiality of Rv0526 Gene in Virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by using In silico Approaches Open Journal of Bacteriology
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Acute Coronary Syndrome: Changing Clinical Presentation International Journal of Vascular Surgery and Medicine
Peripheral Artery Disease and Osteoporosis International Journal of Vascular Surgery and Medicine
Open Heart Surgery: Management of Nonsurgical Bleeding in the Peri-Operative Period; 31/2-Years Institutional Experience International Journal of Vascular Surgery and Medicine
Growth and Vascular Remodeling Factors during a Basketball Season in Adolescent Boys International Journal of Vascular Surgery and Medicine
Impact of Adjunct Femoral Patch Reconstruction on Graft Patency after Below the Knee Popliteal Bypass Implantation International Journal of Vascular Surgery and Medicine
Often Taking Peppers Change Body Constitution to Allergic Constitution Annals of Bone Marrow Research
Graduates’ Experiences of Transition and Transformation Following Completion of a Nursing Bridging Education Program Archives of Nursing Practice and Care
Extraction of an Infected Active Fixation Coronary Sinus Lead with the Aid of a Tissue Stabilizer Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiology
Comparison of Awareness of Eye Donation among Medical and Paramedical Students Journal of Clinical Research and Ophthalmology
A Child of Wilson’s Disease Presenting with Coprolalia Annals of Psychiatry and Treatment
Psychopathology of the Parents of Autistic Children Based on the Clinical Personality Disorders Annals of Psychiatry and Treatment
Salivary Mucoceles in Children and Adolescents: A Clinicopathological Study Global Journal of Medical and Clinical Case Reports
Medical Miracle in Indianola, Mississippi: The Untold Story of Dr. Clinton Battle and the Indianola Conjoined / Matthews Siamese Twins Global Journal of Medical and Clinical Case Reports
Case Study: Local Anesthetic Toxicity After Bier Block. Was intralipid Therapy the Correct Remedy Open Journal of Pain Medicine
Calculation of Predicted Peak Expiratory Flow in Children with a Formula Open Journal of Asthma
Stress, Trauma, Sepsis, Inflammation, Management in Asthma Open Journal of Asthma
Surgical Site Infection: The Rate and Antimicrobial Sensitivity Pattern in Electively Operated Surgical and Gynecological Patients at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Northern Tanzania Journal of Surgery and Surgical Research
Primary Spindle Cell Rhabdomyosarcoma of Prostate: A Case Report with Review of Literature Global Journal of Cancer Therapy
Growth Performance, Feeding Ecology and Prey Preference of Bagrid Catfi sh, Mystus Tengara (Hamilton, 1822) in Low Saline Polyculture Ponds of Indian Sundarbans International Journal of Aquaculture and Fishery Sciences
Occupational Traumatism of Members of Vessel`s Crew on Fishing Fleet in the Northern Water`s Basin Annals of Marine Science
Moringa Oleifera: Panaromic View on Nutritional, Therapeutic Activity and Patent Landscape International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Developmental Research
Attention to the problem of the inaccurate testing caused by virus mutation strains in clinical laboratory settings Global Journal of Clinical Virology
The Use of New Technologies in the Study of Pregnancy Disorders: The OMICS Approach Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiology
Uses of Intravenous Immunoglobulin: A 13-Year Evaluation of Guillain–Barré Syndrome in Fez, Morocco Journal of Biology and Medicine
India – A Preferred Destination for IVF Treatment Global Journal of Fertility and Research
Hepatitis B Vaccination Rate in Patients with Diabetes: Assessment of Racial and Socioeconomic Disparity International Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Estimation of Handgrip Strength and its Correlations with Selected Anthropometric Variables and Performance Tests in Indian Interuniversity Female Field Hockey Players Archives of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy
Liver Specifi c Serum Micro RNA122 as a Prognostic Marker in Egyptian Patients with Liver Cirrhosis Archives of Hepatitis Research
Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) Topic Review and Case Report International Journal of Oral and Craniofacial Science
Ischemical Problems after Filler Injections: Anatomical Details and Practical Guide Lines to Avoid Disasters Archives of Anatomy and Physiology
Proposal for an Urgency Score as General Referral Strategy to Second- Care Rheumatology Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine
Smoking Habit and Clinico-Biological Parameters of Breast Cancer Journal of Tobacco Stimulated Diseases

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