Open Access Review Article Article ID: TCSIT-4-109

    An overview of speaker recognition

    Junxia Liu*, CL Philip Chen, Tieshan Li, Yi Zuo and Peichao He

    Speaker recognition has been studied for many years and has been a hot topic. This paper presents an overview of speaker recognition methods, which include the classical and the state-of-art methods. According to the modular components of speaker recognition system, we fi rstly introducedthe fundamentals of speaker recognition, which are mainly divided into two parts: feature extraction and speaker modeling. The most commonly speech features used in speaker recognition were elaborated fi rstly. In particular, the recent progress of deep neural network proposes a new approach of feature extraction and has become the technology trend. Secondly, the classical approaches of speaker recognition model were introduced, and elaborated the recent progress of deep learning speaker recognition. This paper especially provides an in-depth analysis on end-to-end model which consists of a training component to extract features, an enrollment component to training the speaker model, and an evaluation component with appropriate loss function for optimization. The fi nal part concludes the paper with discussion on future trends.


    Published on: Aug 28, 2019 Pages: 1-12

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