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    Open Access Case Report PTZAID: GJMCCR-1-106

    An Unusual Case of Recurrent Pyocolpos Following Midtrimester Miscarriage Revealed as Obstructed Hemivagina with Ipsilateral Renal Agenesis (OHVIRA) Syndrome

    Shamim Khandaker*, Madhusudan Haldar, Shyamal Dasgupta, Shabana Munshi, Nabojibon Mondal, Sudhir Adhikari

    Obstructed hemivagina with ipsilateral renal agenesis (OHVIRA Syndrome) is a rare congenital anomaly. It mostly presents with severe dysmenorrhea and a palpable mass due to unilateral hematocolpos. Sometime it presents in unusual way with prolonged vaginal bleeding and profuse vaginal discharge. We report a case of an 18-year-old married female with OHVIRA syndrome presenting late with symptoms of recurrent pyocolpos following dilatation and evacuation for midtrimester miscarriage that was diagnosed on the basis of MRI and managed by vaginal septotomy.

    Published on: Aug 14, 2014 Pages: 21-23

    Full Text PDF Full Text HTML DOI: 10.17352/2455-5282.000006 CrossMark


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