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    Open Access Review Article PTZAID: ACP-1-105

    Biobanks and Clinical Research: An "Interesting" Connection

    Nicola Daniele*, Mattia Campus, Claudio Pellegrini, Entela Shkëmbi, Francesco Zinno

    In our era, biobanks ensure preservation of specimens’ quality in short or long time storage. For each type of material and for each kind of organism, there is a specific preservation protocol. Actually, the efforts of single scientists or Institutions are not sufficient for research, especially in rare diseases field.The building of network that join together biobanks, research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical companies and patients’ associations answers to research’s needs. The creation of national and international networks had greatly contributed to share samples and their related information. In this review, we describe the European situation and how different associations and Institutions are joined together in wide networks. We marked the efforts and the ways needed to link and to harmonize Institutions placed in different countries and subjected to different national laws in lacks of unified legislation. We reviewed primary, biobank needs and principal preservation technics and protocols.Our observations had marked the importance of building wide networks. We would concluded noting the importance to extend actual networks including other national or foreign institutions. The networks should be organized to provide flexibility for facilitating its growth.

    Published on: Mar 10, 2016 Pages: 34-43

    Full Text PDF Full Text HTML DOI: 10.17352/pjcp.000005 CrossMark


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