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Journal of Gynecological Research and Obstetrics

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Abstract Open Access
Research Article PTZAID: JGRO-3-138

European Legal view on Termination of Pregnancy

Siniša Franjić

Pregnancy, another state or gravidity, is the state of a woman who carries a new being. The fertilization and ends with childbirth. The fertilized egg develops and goes through several different stages of development: embryo and fetus. Diagnosing pregnancy is based on safe and unsafe signs, and most reliable evidence that ultrasound. Pregnancy lasts nine months and the vast majority of women is well tolerated. Unfortunately, there are women who do not stand up well due to certain health complications that can occur, it is necessary to perform abortions. The task of this paper is to consider abortion the legal aspects.

Published on: Apr 28, 2017 Pages: 51-55

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