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    Food Behavior and Consumption Pattern in Rural White Nile of Sudan

    Abdelsami Musa Ibrahim*

    Food consumption and nutrition intakes it seem as a major problem in rural area of White Nile state in Sudan, in spite of this area is rich of food production resource, through this study we had tried to know the pattern of food consumption and nutritional intaking in this area by taking six groups of food. The measurement of food security in the State was assessing through a household survey data. The author used Linear Approximate Almost Ideal Demand System (AL-AIDS) to estimate food price and expenditure elasticities and also used the nutrient demand model, in addition to the impact of the household characteristics on food and nutrition demand behavior; the result in term of cross price elasticity showed positive sign indicating response of substitution, in addition to the expenditure elasticities for all food groups showed positive signs excluding the oil group; generally, according to the nutrient demand model the result showed the household characteristics influence the nutrition intaking for all members of family, in other hand the regional factor appears to have negative impact between localities within the study area; finally, strongly recommended that the federal government strategy and policies for food security will be directed toward to the food supply and designed to increase income and procurement power.


    Published on: Sep 3, 2018 Pages: 7-14

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