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Case Report PTZAID: GJRD-2-109

Idiopathic Gingival Elephantiasis – A Case Report

Nasim Aarfa, Sasankoti Mohan Ravi Prakash*, Malik S Sangeeta and Gupta Swati

Gingival elephantiasis is a rare slow progressive lesion which is also known as gingivalfibromatosis. It can be localized or generalized. This condition can be inflammatory, non-inflammatory or combination of both. The etiology involved could be due to poor oral hygiene, inadequate nutrition, a systemic hormonal stimulation. Genetic cause has been implicated as its etiology with several genes mutations and sometimes associated with syndromes such as Cross syndrome, Rutherford syndrome or Ramen syndrome but isolated cases are also reported and their etiology often remains unknown. This paper reports a very interesting case in which a 35 year old female came with complain of generalized swelling of gingiva covering the occlusal surface with mobility of teeth. Patient was asymptomatic and there was progressive increase in growth of gingivasince 1 year. Histopathologicaldiagnosis of gingivalgrowth confirmed the diagnosis.

Published on: Jun 24, 2017 Pages: 15-17

Full Text PDF Full Text HTML DOI: 10.17352/gjrd.000009


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