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Abstract Open Access
Case Report PTZAID: ACG-3-140

Laparoscopic surgery without peritoneal space contamination in perforated acute abscedated diverticulitis of incarcerated inguinoscrotal hernia

Ramiro Gálvez-Valdovinos*, Juan Francisco Funes-Rodríguez, Gustavo López-Ambriz, Luis L Tinoco Téllez and Luis Gerardo Domínguez Carrillo

Sixty seven year old male patient with hypotension, tachycardia, 38.5°C fever, tensioning left inguinoscrotal hernia and hyperemia (acute scrotum). By abdominal computed tomography, recto-sigmoid perforation in diverticulitis area with collection and free air in hernial sac, was observed. This clinical fi nding of perforated abscedated diverticuitis with an inguinoscrotal hernia is uncommon. Usefulness of minimally invasive surgery for Hartmann’s procedure without peritoneal contamination as well as surgical piece removal via scrotum is discussed, including a literature review.

Published on: Jul 6, 2017 Pages: 63-65

Full Text PDF Full Text HTML DOI: 10.17352/2455-2283.000040


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