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Abstract Open Access
Review Article PTZAID: PJMCR-3-107

Mini Tablets: A Short Review-Revision

Ezgi Ilhan, Timucin Ugurlu* and Oya Kerimoglu

Mini tablets are solid dosage forms with a diameter ≤ 3 mm and separated into subunits of conventional tablets. Production methods are similar to standard tablets, but the only difference is the use of multiple punches. They have advantageous for use in patients suffering from swallowing diffi culty and receiving multiple drug treatment. They provide a more effective treatment by reducing the fl uctuation in the drug’s release profi le. At the same time, different release systems can be used together. In addition, mini tablets have a number of advantages over single unit dosage forms, and in recent years the prominence continues to increase. In the light of this information, the advantages and disadvantages of mini tablets, production equipment, formulation designs, different emission characteristics and evaluation criteria are emphasized in this compilation.

Published on: Jul 25, 2017 Pages: 12-22

Full Text PDF Full Text HTML DOI: 10.17352/pjmcr.000007


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