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    Open Access Case Report PTZAID:JDPS-4-146

    Successful Rehabilitation of Anterior Crowns with Richmond Crown: Case Series

    Sachin Metkari* and Manisha Metkari

    Restoration of severely fractured/ decayed teeth requires crown restoration after endodontic therapy which is often major requisite in conservative dentistry. If there is steep incisal guidance and very less overjet then restoration of such crown is not possible with routine post and core followed by crown restoration because of very less incisal clearance. Richmond crown is advisable in such cases as it is single-unit post retained crown with porcelain facing design. Two cases have been discussed here with Richmond crown treatment modality over 2-3 years successful follow-up.


    Published on: Jun 20, 2017 Pages: 40-43

    Full Text PDF Full Text HTML DOI: 10.17352/2394-8418.000046 CrossMark

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