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Abstract Open Access
Case Report PTZAID: ACG-1-105

Successful Treatment of Stomal Variceal Bleeding with Percutaneous Injection Sclerotherapy

Takahiro Sato*, Mutsuumi Kimura, Masakatsu Yamaguchi and Takumi Ohmura

Bleeding from ectopic varices is often massive and fatal with portal hypertension, and stomal varices can occur in patients with stoma. We aimed to treat a hepatitis B surface antigen positive 69 year-old male with liver cirrhosis associated hepatocellular carcinoma with bleeding stomal varices using percutaneous injection sclerotherapy. Percutaneous injection sclerotherapy was performed under fluoroscopy using 5% ethanolamine oleate with iopamidol (EOI) with a 25 gauge disposable injection needle; 5ml of 5% EOI were injected gradually. Injection sclerotherapy controlled acute bleeding in this patient without serious complication. The patient experienced no further episodes of bleeding during the 8 months following treatment with percutaneous injection sclerotherapy. In conclusion, percutaneous injection sclerotherapy remains an option for the treatment of patients with bleeding stomal varices.

Published on: Aug 28, 2015 Pages: 17-19

Full Text PDF Full Text HTML DOI: 10.17352/2455-2283.000005


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