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Research Article PTZAID: IJCMS-3-131

Testicular Ultrasound Assessment in Thalassemic Men

Shahla Ansari, Mohammad Mahdi Allameh, Azadeh Kiumarsi* and Azita Azarkeivan

Objective: To evaluate testicular volume, varicocelle, hydrocelle, microlithiasis, semen parameters and measure serum FSH, LH, and Testosterone concentrations in young male thalassemic patients.

Design: Prospective study.

Setting: Tertiary care hospital.

Patients and Method: This study investigated 62 young adults with beta thalassemia (47 major, 15 intermedia), aged 18–41 years who underwent different chelation therapies. The patients’ serum ferritin levels range was from 182 to 11053 ng/mL (mean 2067 ng/mL) at the time of study.

Results: The mean size of right testis was 11.4 ml and the mean size of left testis was 11.7 ml. In 3.2% of patients the testes volume was under 4 ml. Varicocele was seen in 11.3% of patients. Microlithiasis was detected in 4.8% of patients. Hydrocele was seen in only in 1.6% of patients. Hypogonadism was seen in 22.6% of patients.

Conclusion: This study suggests that in thalassemic men, testicular volume in ultrasound has significant correlation with concentrations of serum Testosterone, LH, FSH and sperm parameters.

Published on: Dec 21, 2016 Pages: 20-23

Full Text PDF Full Text HTML DOI: 10.17352/2455-8702.000031



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