Patient Safety Culture in a Tunisian Teaching Tertiary Care Hospital
Mohamed Ben Rejeb*, Dhekra Chebil, Latifa Merzougui, Balsem Kacem, Selwa Khefacha-Aissa, Lamine Dhidah and Houyem Said- Laatiri
Published On 31 Aug, 2017
The Impact of Sarcopenia on Elderly Cancer Patients
Gianfranco Gioia*
Published On 31 Aug, 2017
Evaluation of Head Position in Static and Dynamic Three-Dimensional Imaging: a review of the Literature
Marie Kjærgaard Larsen* and Torben H. Thygesen,
Published On 30 Aug, 2017
Opportunistic and other intestinal parasites infections among HIVpositive patients in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy and preventive treatment in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Adama Zida, Abdourahamane Yacouba*, Marcel P Sawadogo, Ismael Diallo, Ibrahim Sangare, Sanata Bamba, Bassory Ouattara and Tinga R Guiguemde
Published On 29 Aug, 2017
Factors related to the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease after two years of follow-up of stage 3 Chronic kidney Disease Patients
Noemi Esparza Martín*, Santiago Suria González, Elvira Bosch Benítez- Parodi, Rita Guerra Rodríguez, Germán Pérez Suárez and César García Cantón
Published On 29 Aug, 2017
Hypochondriacal delusion in an elderly man with good response to electroconvulsive therapy but complicated with febrile reaction
Mimi Mei Cheung Wong*, Pui-fai Pang and Michael Gar Chung Yiu
Published On 29 Aug, 2017
Serotonin Receptors Mediate Contractile Activity of Rat’s Esophagus in-vivo
Lychkova Alla Eduard*, Yuri Yu Golubev and Alexander M Puzikov
Published On 28 Aug, 2017
Is genetic counseling for cancer predisposition always associated with distress? A pre-post intervention study to assess probands’ pre-and post-counseling level of anxiety and satisfaction
Simona Di Lascio*, Elena Scaffi di, Vincenzo Bagnardi, Monica Taborelli, Gabriella Bianchi Micheli, Piercarlo Saletti, Cinzia Cafaro-Greco, Davide Disalvatore and Olivia Pagani
Published On 28 Aug, 2017
Two cases of spontaneous rupture of an umbilical hernia, a rare complication of portal hypertension
Peter R Oosterwijk*, Eva Kouw and Wouter H. de Vos tot Nederveen Cappel
Published On 28 Aug, 2017
Bilateral Subclavian Artery Stenosis: Anaesthetic consideration
Nanda Gopal Mandal*, Indrajeet Mandal and Kate Barber
Published On 28 Aug, 2017
Granulomatous Gastritis Associated with Sarcoidosis: Case Report
Vedat Goral* and Ragip Ortac
Published On 24 Aug, 2017
Obese chronic kidney disease diabetic’s patients: Malignant tumours
Esparza Martín N*, Suria González S, Bosch Benítez-Parodi E, Guerra Rodríguez R, Ramírez Puga A, Batista García F and García Cantón C
Published On 24 Aug, 2017
Healthful School Environment: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Primary Schools in Ogun State, Nigeria
Amoran OE*, Kupoluyi OT, Salako AA and kupoluyi OT
Published On 24 Aug, 2017
Skin cancers of the face in an African Black population
Diallo M*, Diadie S, Diatta B.A, Ndiaye M, Diop A, Dieng M.T
Published On 23 Aug, 2017
Effect of Robotic Assisted Gait Training on functional and psychological improvement in patients with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Amira A Shahin*, Sherif A Shawky, Hanaa M Rady, Dina A Effat, Sherry K Abdelrahman, Essam Mohamed and Reda Awad
Published On 23 Aug, 2017
Amyloidosis in colon presenting with rectal bleeding in multipl myeloma: A Case Report
Vedat Goral*, Ragip Ortac and Nevin Yılmaz
Published On 23 Aug, 2017
An extraordinary case of a hungry man: an unusual foreign body - A Case Report
Shi Nee T, Gopalan KN and Primuharsa Putra SHA*
Published On 23 Aug, 2017
Phenazopyridine abuse presenting with acute kidney injury, hemolytic anaemia and jaundice
Jaya Prakash Nath Ambinathan*, Mohamed Elbokyl and Rory McQuillan
Published On 23 Aug, 2017
Analysis of Risk Factors for Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chronic HBV - Infected Liver Cirrhosis Patients: A Meta-Analysis
Xiang Lyu, Gaofeng Cai, Kui Liu, Sichao Huang, Jun Yao, Zhenggang Jiang, Zhengting Wang, Zhifang Wang*, Yongdi Chen*, Huakun Lv* and Jianmin Jiang*
Published On 22 Aug, 2017
Case report “Acute Retinal Necrosis or not?”
Josh Zhaoxu Yuen* and Christopher Helpert
Published On 22 Aug, 2017
Bilateral greater Occipital Nerve Block for Headache after corrective Spinal Surgery: A Case Report
Edmundo Pereira de Souza Neto*, José Luis Martinez, Kathryn Dekoven, Francoise Yung and Sandra Lesage
Published On 21 Aug, 2017
Gestational diabetes awareness in women of childbearing age in Sharjah
Amr Elmekresh*, Batool AbuHalimeh, Rawan Abukhater, Amina Bakro and Samher Nahab
Published On 19 Aug, 2017
A Retrospective analysis of Five Years Musculoskeletal Injury Data in British Infantry Recruits
Robert Heagerty, Jagannath Sharma* and Jane L Clayton
Published On 19 Aug, 2017
The Riedel Procedure - An Analysis of 22 Cases
William Lawson, Anthony Reino and Robert Deeb*
Published On 18 Aug, 2017
Acute Toxicity of Mercury Chloride (Hgcl2) and Cadmium Chloride (Cdcl2) on the behavior of freshwater fish, Percocypris Pingi
Dengyue Yuan*, Lan Huang, Ling Zeng, Sheng Liu, Zhengjian He, Ming Zhao, Jupan Feng and Chuanjie Qin
Published On 18 Aug, 2017
Plastic Bronchitis: A Case Report
Andressa Oliveira Peixoto*, José Dirceu Ribeiro, Rafael Miranda da Costa and Fernando Augusto Lima Marson*
Published On 18 Aug, 2017
Screening and Prevention of Cervical Cancer in the World
Vargas-Hernández Victor Manuel*
Published On 17 Aug, 2017
The Effects of Whole Body Periodic Acceleration on Non-Motor Symptoms in Persons with Parkinson’s disease: A Pilot Study
Veronica Southard*, Soteroulla Roumba, Ilyse Schwartz, Nicole Sparacino, Katie Weddingfeld, Joanne Donoghue
Published On 17 Aug, 2017
Construction of Indonesian-Strain Avian Flu Virus Seed Vaccine Using Low Pathogenic Hemagglutinin Gene and Neuraminidase Pr8 Gene through Reverse Genetics
Reviany Vibriaanita Nidom, Muh Y Alamudi, Sahrir Sillehu, Setyarina Indrasari, Rahmalia D Suindarti, Ema Qurnianingsih, Yoes P Dachlan, Aryati, Ahmad Syahrani, Kadek Rachmawati, Kuncoro P Santoso and Chairul A Nidom*
Published On 17 Aug, 2017
Adhesions, infl ammatory response and foreign body giant cells infi ltration of the topical hemostats TachoSil®, Hemopatch™ and Veriset™ – An Animal Study
Line Schiøtt Nissen, Jacob Hunter, Henrik Daa Schrøder, Kenneth Rütz and Peter Bollen*
Published On 16 Aug, 2017
Infective Endocardatis at the Yaounde General Hospital: Clinical aspects and outcome (Case Series)
Jérôme Boombhi*, Alain Menanga, Bâ Hamadou, André- Michel Yomba and Samuel Kingue
Published On 16 Aug, 2017
Diagnosis and indications for revascularization in Takayasu’s Arteritis: Report of two cases and literature review
Magaye Gaye*, Adama Sawadogo, Papa Adama Dieng, Ndèye Fatou Sow, Souleymane Diatta, Momar Sokhna Diop, Papa Salmane Ba, Assane Ndiaye, Amadou Gabriel Ciss and Mouhamadou Ndiaye
Published On 14 Aug, 2017
Cutting bone with drills, burs, lasers and piezotomes: A comprehensive systematic review and recommendations for the clinician
Angelo Troedhan*, Ziad Tarek Mahmoud, Marcel Wainwright and Mohamed Moataz Khamis,
Published On 14 Aug, 2017
Dental aspects of children with Down syndrome
Ambarkova Vesna*, Ana Sotirovska Ivkovska, Natasa Stavreva,
Published On 09 Aug, 2017
Efficacy of Liposomal Bupivacaine in Orthopedic Procedures in an Academic Trauma Hospital
Michael C Ott*, Julia Powers, Christian Bernhardi, Ciera Patzke, Eugene Przespolewski and Kari A Mergenhagen
Published On 08 Aug, 2017
The Epidemiology and Prognosis of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis in a Third Level Hospital
José David Galián Ramírez*, Vladimir Rosa Salazar, Leticia Guirado Torrecillas, Sonia Otálora Valderrama, María Encarnación Hernández Contreras, María del Mar García Méndez and Bartolomé García Pérez
Published On 08 Aug, 2017
Clinical safety of amino acids and vitamins administered through parenteral route
Alessandra Cristina de Moraes, Marcos Roberto Scherma, Ed Johnny da Rosa Prado, Vanessa Pavesi de Faria, Ives Charlie da Silva, Wilson Gomez Manrique and Marco Antonio de Andrade Belo*
Published On 07 Aug, 2017
Talins, hopes and promises
Mohamed S. Attia Gaballah*, Mahmoud Youns, Zeinab A. Hassan
Published On 07 Aug, 2017
The Clinico-Radiological Spectrum of Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome in adults
Zeynep Ozozen Ayas, Kıyasettin Asil and Ruhsen Ocal,
Published On 07 Aug, 2017
Energy Metabolism Correlations in Tick Embryo Development
Renato Martins, Newton Ruiz, Rodrigo Nunes da Fonseca, Itabajara da Silva Vaz Junior and Carlos Logullo*
Published On 07 Aug, 2017
Influence of Slaughtering Ages on Carcass Characteristics, Meat Composition and Haematology of Extensively Managed Red Sokoto Bucks Slaughtered In Abeokuta Metropolis, Nigeria
Amosu Semethon David, Oderinwale Olatunde Akeem*, Jolaosho Oladapo Oluwadamilare, Sanusi Ganiyu Omotayo and Oluwatosin Bamidele Omonuwa
Published On 07 Aug, 2017
Cutaneous phaeohyphomycosis of foot web by Curvularia lunata
Mohammed Rasheeduddin* and Visalakshi P
Published On 04 Aug, 2017
Management of Intra-operative Chyle Leak during Neck Dissection: Recognition and Control
Brett Tracy and Guy J Petruzzelli*
Published On 03 Aug, 2017
Quality assessment of stored fresh Cassava Roots and ‘fufu’ flour produced from stored roots
Omosuli SV, Ikujenlola AV, Abisuwa AT
Published On 03 Aug, 2017
Morel-Lavallée Lesion: A not so rare, but often missed diagnosis
KTM Opdam, R van de Coevering and I van der Haven*
Published On 02 Aug, 2017
Exercise Tolerance in Children with Simple Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries: A Comparative Study
Tony Reybrouck*, Marc Gewillig, Werner Budts and Roselien Buys
Published On 01 Aug, 2017

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