Dietary intake of vitamin D in the Moroccan adolescents
El-houcine Sebbar*, Hicham Sam, Ennouamane Saalaoui and Mohammed Choukri
Published On 31 Dec, 2017
Video Endoscopic Inguinal Lymphadenectomy: Refi ning surgical technique after ten years experience
Marcos Tobias-Machado, Pericles Rios Auad*, Victor Corona, Igor Silva, Oseas de Castro Neves, Eliney Ferreira Faria, Pablo Matos, Alexandre Cesar Santos, Roberto Machado, Aurus Dourado and Hamilton de Campos Zampolli
Published On 30 Dec, 2017
Relational Model of Organizational Politics Perception, Job Satisfaction, Job Stress, and Organizational Commitment in Hospital Nursing Staff
Su-Yueh Chen, Jaw-Yuan Wang*, Ching-Sheng Chang* and Hui-Ching Weng
Published On 30 Dec, 2017
Titanium Mesh Reconstruction after Solitary Sternal Plasmacytoma Surgery-A Case report
Krdzalic G*, Mujagic H, Musanovic N, Krdzalic A
Published On 29 Dec, 2017
Aggressive Thyroid Gland Carcinoma: A Case Series
James P Dworkin-Valenti*, Esmael H Amjad, Noah Stern and Samba SR Bathula
Published On 29 Dec, 2017
A Questionnaire Survey: Knowledge in Upper Airway Infections among General Practitioners in Malaysia
Boon Han Kevin Ng*, Ing Ping Tang, Elizabeth Yenn Lynn Lim, Abu Bakar Zulkifl ee and Prepageran Narayanan
Published On 26 Dec, 2017
Antiulcerogenic activity of species Annona coriacea Mart. and Spiranthera odoratissima A. St. Hil
Fernanda Neves Estrela, Keise Rodrigues Silva, Álefe Cardoso Cruz, Patrícia Fernandes de Souza, Leonardo Oliveira Costa, João Gabriel Moraes Junqueira, Geraldo Sadoyama Leal, Lucia de Paula, Helder Nagai Consolaro, Ana Paula Terezan, Vanessa Gisele Pasqualotto Severino and Anderson Luiz- Ferreira*
Published On 20 Dec, 2017
Antibiotic Susceptibility of the First Streptococcus Constellatus Isolated from Epidural Abscess in Dakar
Assane Dieng*, Serigne ML Ndiaye, Khadidiatou Gueye, Frederic C Diaz, Samba Diao, Safi etou Ngom, Habsa Diagne, Moustapha Cisse, Maguette Diop, Pape I Ndiaye, Makhtar Camara and Cheikh SB Boye
Published On 18 Dec, 2017
Clinical efficacy of novel self-adhesive flowable composite resin restoration: in vivo study
Ghada A Elbaz*, Ola M Fahmy, Mohamed Sherif M, Farag and Yousra S Helmy
Published On 14 Dec, 2017
Are antidepressants useful in bipolar disease?
Michel Bourin*
Published On 13 Dec, 2017
Intratunnel Pressure Measurement in Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Vietnam
Dung Tran Trung*, Manh Nguyen Huu, Khanh Trinh Le and Thanh Ma Ngoc
Published On 13 Dec, 2017
The Result of Mini-Open Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Thanh Ma Ngoc, Dung Tran Trung*, Manh Nguyen Huu, Khanh Trinh Le, Quyet Tran, Ban Hoang Van
Published On 13 Dec, 2017
Hyperparathyroidism and Asthenia. A New Deal?
S Li Sun Fui* and P Bonnichon
Published On 07 Dec, 2017
Splenic Hemangiosarcoma in a 10- year male German Shepherd dog: Case Report
Ngetich W*, Okumu AT, Kitaa JM, Chepkirui E
Published On 07 Dec, 2017
Current State of Tolerance: The Holy Grail
Rathore R*, Gunawansa N, Ajay Sharma and Ahmed Halawa
Published On 07 Dec, 2017
Severe Congestive Dysmenorrhea in an Adolescent
Swaramya Chandrasekaran*, Haritha Sagili and Sunitha V Chakkalakkoombil
Published On 05 Dec, 2017
Risk factors relating the surgical outcomes of lower leg traumatic compartment syndrome in Vietnam
Trung DT*, Dinh HN, Trung TN, Duc BN, Ngoc MH
Published On 04 Dec, 2017

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