PlGF, sFlt-1 and sFlt-1/PlGF ratio: Promising markers for predicting pre-eclampsia
Ola H El-Demerdash, Mona M Zaki, Mohamed O El Maraghy, Doaa M A Elzoghby, Marwa A Abdel-Wahed* and Ahmed M Mamdouh
Published On 30 Aug, 2018
Factors influencing extent of surgery for Substernal Thyroid Goiters: Hemithyroidectomy versus total Thyroidectomy
Anne C Kane*, Brian J Johnson, Michael DiLeo, Jeffrey Hotaling, Anna Pou, Daniel W Nuss and Rohan Walvekar
Published On 30 Aug, 2018
Meta-Analysis of Risk Factors for Development of Liver Cirrhosis in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients
Gaofeng Cai, Yongdi Chen*, Li Li*, Biao Zhou*, Chonggao Hu*, Yanhong Yu, Mengxin Xu, Qiaolu Hong, Zhengting Wang, Kui Liu, Zhifang Wang, Zhenggang Jiang and Jun Yao
Published On 28 Aug, 2018
Suspended Arrays Improve Rainbow Trout Growth during Hatchery Rearing in Circular Tanks
Eric Krebs, Nathan Huysman, Jill M Voorhees and Michael E Barnes*
Published On 28 Aug, 2018
Antipsychotic Drug Therapies: Matching primary care practice to clinical challenges
Patricia R Hebert, Stuart Goldman, Joanna Drowos and Charles H Hennekens*
Published On 28 Aug, 2018
Portal vein septic thrombosis secondary to complicated appendicitis: Case report
Jacqueline Vasconcelos Quaresma*, Igor Mizael da Costa Saadi, Rafael José Romero Garcia and Leanne Isadora Vasconcelos Quaresma
Published On 27 Aug, 2018
Colonization patterns of benthic macroinvertebrates in fertilized and non-fertilized earthen fish ponds
Patrick O Orwa*, Reuben Omondi and Emily J Chemoiwa
Published On 24 Aug, 2018
Behavioral therapy in diabetes mellitus and obesity
Istvan Sal* and Ildiko Kohlne
Published On 24 Aug, 2018
COMAMMOX - a new pathway in the nitrogen cycle in wastewater treatment plants
Sobotka D*, Kowal P, Zubrowska-Sudoł M and Mąkinia J
Published On 23 Aug, 2018
Comparative study for efficacy of termination in first trimester pregnancy using Misoprostol and Mifepristone
Georgi Stanulov, Xanthi Anthoulaki, Dorelia Deuteraiou, Anna Chalkidou, Grigorios Trypsianis, Werner Rath, Roland Csorba, Georgios Galazios and Panagiotis Tsikouras*
Published On 22 Aug, 2018
Epidemiolgy of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment in Dubrovnik-Neretva County
Ivana Carevic, Antonela Gverovic Antunica*, Helena Kastelan, Vedrana Iveta, Sanja Zoranic and Snjezana Kastelan
Published On 21 Aug, 2018
4Work-family conflict and musculoskeletal disorders among wait staff- results from touristic city Isfahan, Iran
Mahdi Malakoutikhah, Mahdi Sepidarkish, Vali Sarsangi and Seyed Abolfazl Zakerian*
Published On 21 Aug, 2018
Evaluation the Viability of the Saccharomyces Boulardii Bld-3 and its Influence on the Colonic Microbiota Composition by SHIME
Hai-Bo Zhang, Ning Peng, Qian Cheng, Zhi-Xian Chen and Yan Zhang*
Published On 20 Aug, 2018
Four cases of extracranial abscess caused by sinusitis exacerbated by a foreign body
Kazuhiro Takahashi and Muneo Nakaya*
Published On 20 Aug, 2018
Sweet lupine recipe development and nutritional content of recipe at Holeta, Ethiopia
Biadge Kefale* and Esayas Abrha
Published On 20 Aug, 2018
Reducing surgical site infections through quality improvement initiative: A tertiary cardiac care facility experience in a developing country
Farrah Pervaiz*, Safdar Abbas, Imtiaz Ahmed Chaudhry, Afsheen Iqbal, Rehana Javaid, Hafsa Khalil and Aysha Siddiqa
Published On 20 Aug, 2018
Key Factors for Successful Protein Purification and Crystallization
Eijaz Ahmed Bhat*, Mohnad Abdalla and Irfan A Rather*
Published On 10 Aug, 2018
Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis: an Atypical Presentation
Davide Giordano, Lucia Dardani* and Angelo Ghidini
Published On 04 Aug, 2018
Aortic Arch Morphometry and its clinical implication –A computed tomography study
Hema Nagpal*, PK Sharma, Jyoti Chopra and Rajni Patel
Published On 01 Aug, 2018
Study of Bacillus megaterium potential application for high metal content residues biotreatment
Andrea M Rivas-Castillo, Yessica Mejía-Escobedo, and Norma G Rojas-Avelizapa*
Published On 01 Aug, 2018

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