Recent advances in understanding cross-talk between Bile Acids and Gut Microbiota
Cheng-cheng Feng, Ai-hua Zhang, Jian-hua Miao, Hui Sun, Ying Han, Guang-li Yan, Fang-fang Wu and Xi-jun Wang*
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Postpartum depression: An overview
Michel Bourin*
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) expression in Sinonasal Inverted Papillomas
Mario Bilic*, Ena Klaric, Lana Kovac-Bilic, Selma Hodzic-Redzic and Sven Seiwerth
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Exploring the detoxification effects and mechanism of Caowu in prescription using liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry-based metabolomics
Li Wang, Hui Dong, Ai-hua Zhang, Ying Han, Tai-ping Li, Le Yang, Hui Sun, Xiang-cai Meng and Xi-jun Wang*
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Exploiting databases and computer softwares in drug formulation: Mining the treasures
Rania M Hathout* and AbdelKader A Metwally
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Effect of sowing time and environmental variation on yield of differnt Maize varieties
Begizew Golla*, Birhanu Tadesse, Desalegn Chalsisa and Elsabet Bayisa
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Evaluation of an interactive e-learning module “Toothache Clinic” for delivering information on dental pain: a prospective cohort study
Maria Giraki, Michael Kann, Puria Parvini, Karina Obreja, Tugba Zahn, Stefan Rüttermann, Susanne Gerhardt-Szep*
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Serum Pharmacochemistry in Herbal Medicine and Its Active Ingredients: Current Evidence and Future Development
Kai Zhou, Ai-hua Zhang, Jian-hua Miao, Hui Sun, Guang-li Yan, Fang-fang Wu and Xi-jun Wang*
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Large Symptomatic Chorioangioma of Placenta; A Rare Complication of Pregnancy in Enugu, South East Nigeria
Henry C Nnaji*, Chinyere C Molukwu, Ngozi R Dim, Nneka I Iloanusi, Cyril C Dim and Daniel B Olusina
Published On 29 Dec, 2018
Erosive Mucosa
N Vasudev Ballal* and Jothi Mariam Varghese
Published On 29 Dec, 2018
Wunderlich syndrome; Spontaneous Atraumatic Rupture of the kidney: A case report
Dinesha Sudusinghe, Dilushi Wijayaratne, Chathurika Beligaswatta, Nalaka Gunawansa
Published On 29 Dec, 2018
Ortner’s Syndrome in the Modern Era: A Series of 7 Cases
AKM Monwarul Islam*, Ishrat Jahan Shimu, Kaniz Fatema Ananya, Rezvey Sultana and Saima Alam
Published On 29 Dec, 2018
A prospective study on the co-relation between blood group and sleeping hours
Muhammad Imran Qadir, and Aqsa Tahir*
Published On 29 Dec, 2018
Association of genetic polymorphisms in DNA repair genes in polycystic ovary syndrome
Sujata Dhaded* and Shailaja Dabshetty
Published On 27 Dec, 2018
Carotid anastomosis using diode lasers of different wavelengths and the evaluation of the arterial wall resistance in swine
Luciane Basilio Aledi*, Djalma José Fagundes and Helio Plapler
Published On 27 Dec, 2018
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of a gold mine tailing through the multi-criteria decision making tool
AK Darban*, RD Webster, HH Yarhosseini, B Malekmohammadi, AR Yavari and Arabyarmohammadi
Published On 27 Dec, 2018
Influence of the duration of noninvasive ventilation on the cardiorespiratory indicators of preterm infants: A randomized clinical trial
Carmen Silveira ST, Kamila Leonardi M, Ana Paula Melo CF, José Zaia E and Marisa Brunherotti AA*
Published On 26 Dec, 2018
Factors Affecting Iron Absorption and Mitigation Mechanisms: A review
Fikiru Dasa* and Tilahun Abera
Published On 24 Dec, 2018
Selected body temperature in Mexican lizard species
Héctor Gadsden*, Sergio Ruiz Gamaliel Castañeda and Rafael A Lara-Resendiz
Published On 22 Dec, 2018
Time of Postoperative Discharge Following Inpatient Tonsillectomy: A Comparison of Two Techniques
Stephanie M Tominaga, Rodrigo C Silva, Carolyn Ojano-Dirain and William O Collins*
Published On 21 Dec, 2018
Mesenchymal stem cells from the domestic ungulates: trends and outliers
Anna A Tvorogova, Anastasia V Kovaleva and Aleena A Saidova*
Published On 21 Dec, 2018
Spontaneous Subcapsular Hematoma from Rivaroxaban
Swetha Chenna, Amy R Hurst, Jason B Douglas, Venu Madhav Chippa*, Matthew R Fulton and Amr Moussa
Published On 21 Dec, 2018
Microwave Irradiated and Conventional Synthesis, Antibacterial Activity Evaluation Studies of Tryptamine-Azole-Fluoroquinolone Conjugates
Yıldız Uygun Cebeci1, Serap Basoglu Özdemir1, Ahmet Demirbas1, Neslihan Demirbas* and Sengül Alpay Karaoglu
Published On 21 Dec, 2018
Incontinentia Pigmenti: an unusual and fast presentation
Eduardo Duarte Sobrosa*, Bruno Evangelista de Toledo* and Ana Daniela Izoton de Sadovsky*
Published On 20 Dec, 2018
A case of high drain output after renal transplantation: Review of current evidence
Sajid Mohmad, Ajay Sharma and Ahmed Halawa*
Published On 20 Dec, 2018
Leishmaniasis during the increased Syrian refugee traffic
Nurittin Ardic*, Alper Fatih Ardic and Zeynep Gunel
Published On 19 Dec, 2018
Parathyroid adenoma-An incidental diagnosis
Nandini Chatterjee and Chandan Chatterjee*
Published On 18 Dec, 2018
The Ventricular Function of the “Athlete´S Heart”. Part I: Systolic Function
Francisco Javier Calderón Montero*
Published On 15 Dec, 2018
Ocular Fundus changes in pregnancy induced hypertension – A case series study
Jayashree MP, Niveditha RK*, NG Kuntoji, Vishalakshi Bhat, Shravan GM, Brijesh A Patil and Harika JVL
Published On 13 Dec, 2018
Emergent of Colistin Resistant Enterobacteriaceae carrying the mcr-1 gene among clinical isolates from patients in an Argentine hospital: Clinical and microbiological aspects
J Nievas*, D Torres, F Nicola, P Bonvehí, L Scocozza, W Alcalá, F Herrera, S Relloso and J Smayevsky
Published On 11 Dec, 2018
The Buddy Ballooning Technique- A simple debulking technique
Vincent Dangoisse
Published On 08 Dec, 2018
Renal biopsy correlation between indications and histopathology diagnosis
Ashaq Parrey*, Imtiyaz Ahmad, Khurshid Banday and Shabir Rather
Published On 06 Dec, 2018

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