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Lichen as biomonitor of atmospheric elemental composition from Potter Peninsula, 25 de Mayo (King George) Island, Antarctica
Mariana S Rivera, Soledad Perez Catan, Carla Di Fonzo, Laura Dopchiz, Maria A Arribere, Martin Ansaldo, Maria I Messuti and Debora F Bubach*
Published On 31 Jul, 2018
Vascular complications of infective endocarditis in Burkina Faso
Nobila Valentin Yameogo*, S Jean Baptiste Tougouma, Larissa Justine Kagambega, Ismaël Diallo, Georges Rosario Christian Millogo, Koudougou Jonas Kologo, Andre K Samadoulougou and Patrice Zabsonré
Published On 31 Jul, 2018
Caveolin-1 in renal disease
Sourabh Chand*
Published On 28 Jul, 2018
Quantification of Organophosphate and Carbamate residue on stored grains in Ondo State, Nigeria
Akinneye Joseph O*, Adedolapo AO and Adesina Femi P
Published On 28 Jul, 2018
Obesity, Diabetes and Gastrointestinal Malignancy: The role of Metformin and other Anti-diabetic Therapy
Michael Ashamalla, Irini Youssef, Mena Yacoub, Apoorva Jayarangaiah, Nikita Gupta, Justina Ray, Sadat Iqbal, Regina Miller Joie Singh and Samy I McFarlane*
Published On 27 Jul, 2018
Research progress of gene editing technology CRISPR/Cas9 system in animal gene editing
Feng Fan, Kang Mengna, Zhu Xiaolan, Cao Weiping, Liu Yueqin, Chen Qi, Lin Fangfang, Qianfu Yanwen and Xu Wenlina*
Published On 23 Jul, 2018
Quality of life in patients with epilepsy
Dorrego Pamela*, Joneret Gisele, Zofiaurre Jennifer, Perez Armanazco Cinthia, Morales David and Arrigoni Maria Isabel
Published On 19 Jul, 2018
Isolation and characterisation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Human Peripheral Blood
Subhajit Hazra*, Aleya Tabasum, Manasseh Nithyananth and Murugan Ramalingam
Published On 16 Jul, 2018
Brief palliative radiotherapy course for advanced and incurable head and neck cancer
Rasha Hamdy Hamed* and Engy Aboelnaga
Published On 16 Jul, 2018
Structural characteristics of the control region of the Beaufortia kweichowensis mitochondrial genome
Gang Wang, Gui-Hong Chen, Yu Luo and Zheng-Yong Wen*
Published On 13 Jul, 2018
How to control the Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS dual epidemic
Philip Ifesinachi Anochie*, Augustine Ajogwu, Godwin Okeke Kalu, Mfon Itoro- Obong Akpan, Edwina Chinwe Onyeneke and Anthony Chidiebere Onyeozirila
Published On 11 Jul, 2018
Corneal Neuropathy: An Underrated Manifestation of Diabetes Mellitus
Arpine Barsegian, Justin Lee, Moro O Salifu, and Samy I McFarlane*
Published On 11 Jul, 2018
Subjects with substituted hypothyroidism oxidize more lipids and carbohydrates during exercise
Jean-Frederic Brun*, Stephanie Metrat, Jean-Marie Nguyen, Marlene Richou, Fatiha M’Rabta, Orianne Villard, Francois Bughin, Christine Fedou, Ariane Sultan, Antoine Avignon, Jacques Mercier2, and Eric Raynaud De Mauverger
Published On 09 Jul, 2018
A Rare Benign Pancreatic Lesion Mimicking Malignancy- Eosinophilic Pancreatitis
Kurşat Rahmi Serin, Muharrem Oner, Nadir Adnan Hacım* and Ali Emre
Published On 05 Jul, 2018
Medicinal properties of Abutilon Indicum
S Rajeshwari* and SP Sevarkodiyone
Published On 05 Jul, 2018
Breast conserving surgery and intra-operative specimen radiography: Margin assessment by the surgeon or the radiologist?
Senthurun Mylvaganam*, Habib Tafazal, Virginia Caddick, Priya Madahar
Published On 02 Jul, 2018

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