Stress and Glucose metabolism: A Review
Nirupama R, Barathi Rajaraman and Yajurvedi HN*
Published On 29 Mar, 2018
The Anemia that Halted Treatment: A case of Complicated Hyperlipidemia
Mark M Mokhtar*, Catherine E Lempke and Ruth Agwuna
Published On 22 Mar, 2018
Influenza outbreaks with a focus on closed psychiatric units: A review article
Pradeep Kumar Mada*, Daniel Alexander Saldaña Koppel, Gabriel Castano, Matthew E Malus, Sharon Adley NP, Denise Taylor RN and Mohammad Alam
Published On 21 Mar, 2018
Modifi ed prosthetic rehabilitation of an enucleated pediatric patient with exposed intraocular implant
Rani Ranabhatt, Himanshi Aggarwal, Saumyendra V Singh* and Vinit Shah
Published On 19 Mar, 2018
Glaucoma: May new technologies help in early diagnosis?
Casillo L, Tricarico S and Vingolo EM*
Published On 16 Mar, 2018
The Heart That Wasn’t Attacked: A Case of Transverse Myelitis
Mark M Mokhtar*, Ahmed Ibrahim and Catherine E Lempke
Published On 16 Mar, 2018
Incarcerated Giant Hiatal Hernia conditioning hearth shock: case report
Medina Andrade Luis Angel*, Cesar Manuel Vargas Sahagún, Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Rodriguez, Pedro Leonardo Villanueva Solorzano, Alberto Robles Méndez Hernández, Bernardo Gutierrez Muñoz, Valdez Hernandez Brenda Elizabeth, Brigitte Marlene Chevillon Castillo, Vallejo Ramirez Jose Eduardo, Campos Cruz Alan Ranferi and Tolentino Gonzalez Christian Stefan
Published On 14 Mar, 2018
MINI-OPCABG an option in Hybrid coronary revascularization
Vincenzo Cianci*, Natalia Scialacomo, Debamalya Ray and Prof. Federico Benetti
Published On 13 Mar, 2018
Case report on management of oral mucocele in paediatric patients using cryosurgery and surgical excision
Nandini R Kata* Shruthi Arekal and Sudheesh Kakkunath Mani
Published On 12 Mar, 2018
Metals from cell to environment: Connecting Metallomics with other omics
Vijeta Singh*and Kusum Verma
Published On 12 Mar, 2018

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