Surgically curable Pancreas Enigma: Solid Pseudopapillary Tumor. Report of a case and literature review
Kurşat Rahmi Serin, Muharrem Oner and Nadir Adnan Hacım*
Published On 29 Sep, 2018
Laparoscopic treatment of Biliary Peritonitis due to Double Organ injury after Swallowing of Chicken Bone
Ludmil Marinov*, Manol Kalniev and Ivan Cholashki
Published On 27 Sep, 2018
Lower limb alignment in young female athletes is associated with knee joint moments during the drop vertical jump
Jacques Riad*, Katarina Hjältman and Scott Coleman
Published On 27 Sep, 2018
Sustainable freshwater aquaculture in the EU and in Hungary
György Páczay*
Published On 26 Sep, 2018
Reperfusion of Acute Myocardial Infarction in the elderly (clinical characteristics and prognosis) Results of the IMSS Nuevo León infarction code program
Zapata Ruiz Alejandro, Palacios R Juan Manuel*, De la Cruz O Ramón, Arboine A Luis, Sierra F Ángel and Muñoz Consuegra Carlos
Published On 25 Sep, 2018
Septic Arthritis: The drainage controversy
de Jong PH*, Bisoendial RJ and Lems WF
Published On 24 Sep, 2018
How to induce, generate and control Immunological Anomalies in humans?
Philip Ifesinachi Anochie*, Godwin Okeke Kalu, Mfon Itoro- Obong Akpan, Augustine Ajogwu, Anthony Chidiebere Onyeozirila and Edwina Chinwe Onyeneke
Published On 19 Sep, 2018
Microtubule-associated protein 1B rescues memory decline in Alzheimer’s disease model mice
Yoshimi Mitsuyama, Tadashi Koide, Tetsuo Kanno, Shizuko Nagao, Takayuki Manabe and Fuyuki Mitsuyama*
Published On 18 Sep, 2018
Maternal health problems such as depression and anxiety and parent-child interaction
Sarah Liliane Goergen*, Margarete Bolten, Martin Schröder, Marc Schmid and Christina Stadler
Published On 14 Sep, 2018
Mass media information can facilitate early diagnose of hereditary angioedema: Case series study
Isao Ohsawa*, Daisuke Honda, Yuya Nakamura, Hiromichi Gotoh, Yoshikazu Goto, Yusuke Suzuki and Yasuhiko Tomino
Published On 14 Sep, 2018
Solid Cystic Pseudo Papillary Tumor of the Pancreas (Gruber - Frantz): A Case Report and a Review of the Literature
Wissam El Hajj Moussa, Elie Aoude, Lea Azar, Elsa Sfeir and Elie Chelala*
Published On 11 Sep, 2018
Three decades of survival in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor with Unresectable Liver Metastases
Maddibande Ramachar Sreevathsa* and Nishnata Koirala
Published On 05 Sep, 2018
A surgical challange for primary hyperparathyroidism: Intravagal parathyroid adenoma
Adem Binnetoglu*, Adem Binnetoglu, Yavuz Gundogdu, Tekin Baglam and Murat Sari
Published On 04 Sep, 2018
Food Behavior and Consumption Pattern in Rural White Nile of Sudan
Abdelsami Musa Ibrahim*
Published On 03 Sep, 2018

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