Cystic cervical lymph nodes metastasis revealing a papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland: A case report
Diouf MS*, Thiam A, Maïga S, Deguenonvo REA, Diop A, Barry MW and Diouf R
Published On 30 Apr, 2019
Experience with Hepatitis B Viral load Testing in Jharkhand
Sana Irfan*, Mahua Das Gupta, NP Sahu, Zulfiquar Ali Bhuttoo and Poonam Kumari
Published On 29 Apr, 2019
Marijuana: Indian scenario
Samarth Dandotiya*
Published On 25 Apr, 2019
Ability of TLR agonists to upregulate Brucella abortus strain RB51 mediated protection in a murine respiratory model
M Walker, N Sriranganathan, I Kanevsky, K Zimmerman, N Tenpenny, M Makris, S Werre and S Witonsky*
Published On 24 Apr, 2019
An assessment of stress coping for mental health promotion among Information Technology employees in Japan
Makie Nagai*, Yuko Morikawa, Yuko Hamazaki and Hideaki Nakagawa
Published On 20 Apr, 2019
Different Strategies used in the Production of human monoclonal scfv Antibodies Specific to Dimers of Membrane Receptors
Sylwia Łukasiewicz*, Agata Stachowicz, Ewelina Fic, Ewa Błasiak, Agata Kowalik and Marta Dziedzicka-Wasylewska
Published On 19 Apr, 2019
The test of reincarnation of the soul by DNA and IRIS scanner (Part Three)
Antonio Alcalá Malavé, MD, PhD*
Published On 15 Apr, 2019
The test of reincarnation of the soul by DNA and IRIS scanner (Part Two)
Antonio Alcalá Malavé, MD, PhD*
Published On 15 Apr, 2019
The test of reincarnation of the soul by DNA and IRIS scanner (Part One)
Antonio Alcalá Malavé, MD, PhD*
Published On 15 Apr, 2019
Dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant to Nalbuphine in patient controlled analgesia for post-operative pain in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A preliminary study
Nabaweya M Kamal, Tarek A Radwan, Ahmed A Mohamed, Maha abdelbar, Ahmed M Abdelaziz Hassan, Magdy M Elsebae* and Shady A AbdElmoneem
Published On 15 Apr, 2019
A self-defeating interpersonal style predicts depression over and above the Big 5 personality trait constructs
Breanna E Atkinson, Gabriela Lasky, Gregory J Boyle and Philip A Vernon*
Published On 12 Apr, 2019
The climate is controlled by artificial evaporation
Khalidullin Oleg*
Published On 09 Apr, 2019
A Novel Nutrient Mixture Induces Apoptosis in Human Mesothelioma Cells (MSTO-211H) via Activation of Caspases
M Waheed Roomi, Bilwa Bhanap, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki* and Matthias Rath
Published On 09 Apr, 2019
Usage of Potential Micro-organisms for Degradation of Plastics
Rafia Riaz, Darakhshanda Iram and Rana K Iqbal*
Published On 09 Apr, 2019
Synergy of blood grouping and body sweating
Muhammad Imran Qadir and Muhammad Asad*
Published On 09 Apr, 2019
Is there any association between Nasal Polyposis and Osteoma? A retrospective analysis of incidence of Paranasal Sinus Osteoma among 600 patients treated for Nasal Polyposis
Stefano Di Girolamo, Barbara Flora*, Francesco Maria Passali, Roberta Di Mauro, Federica Martino, Emanuela Fuccillo and Pier Giorgio Giacomini
Published On 09 Apr, 2019
Trauma-related aggression - Dissociation or psychosis
John E Berg*
Published On 08 Apr, 2019
Body types following obesity surgery and skin re-contouring: A secondary level of analysis
Jo Gilmartin* Joan Maclean and Jill Edwards
Published On 05 Apr, 2019
Prevalence of antimicrobial self-medication among patients attending two hospitals in the Buea Health District, Cameroon
Elvis T Amin, Njumkeng Charles, Johnson A Fondugallah, Akemfua Fualefac, Prudence Tatiana N Mvilongo, Denis Ako-Arrey and Patrick A Njunkeng*
Published On 05 Apr, 2019
Neuro-urological surveillance of Spina bifida in Morocco
Herman Azanmasso*, Essohouna Tchonda, Etienne Alagnide, Samira Lahrabli, Fatima Lmidmani and Abdellatif El Fatimi
Published On 02 Apr, 2019
Isolation, Purification and Characterization of Pectinase enzyme from Streptomyces thermocarboxydus
Priyanka S Bharadwaj*and Prajna M Udupa
Published On 02 Apr, 2019
Predictors of successful fitting of vaginal pessary for female pelvic organ prolapse
Farah Wali Lone* and Joanne Palmer
Published On 01 Apr, 2019

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