Knowledge level and associated factors about sexual and reproductive health rights among University of Gondar students, Gondar Ethiopia
Kefl ie Yohannes Gebresilassie*, Moges Muluneh Boke, Melaku Kindie Yenit and Adhanom Gebreegziabher Baraki
Published On 30 Aug, 2019
Evaluation of an e-learning module under different tutorial guidance
Jessica Jahn, Andreas Moeltner, Stefan Rüttermann and Susanne Gerhardt-Szép*
Published On 29 Aug, 2019
An overview of speaker recognition
Junxia Liu*, CL Philip Chen, Tieshan Li, Yi Zuo and Peichao He
Published On 28 Aug, 2019
The dispersionless completely integrable heavenly type Hamiltonian fl ows and their differential-geometric structure
Oksana E Hentosh, Yarema A Prykarpatsky, Alexandr Balinsky and Anatolij K Prykarpatski*
Published On 28 Aug, 2019
Parasitoids of fl y collected in urban area in Brazil
Carlos Henrique Marchiori*
Published On 27 Aug, 2019
Leiomyomatosis Peritonealis Dissiminata
Hanne Christensen*
Published On 27 Aug, 2019
Presumptive diagnosis of brucellosis and determination of risk factors for seropositivity among members of cattle keeping households in a high cattle traffi c area in the South Western region of Uganda
Arnold Ezama*, Jean-Paul Gonzalez, Tesfaalem Tekleghiorghis Sebhatu, Tumwine Gabriel, Samuel Majalija and Francis Bajunirwe
Published On 27 Aug, 2019
Usefulness of PCR for diagnosing Meningococcal Septic Arthritis
Sylvain Raoul Simeni Njonnou*, Muhammad Shahnawaz Soyfoo and Frederic-Alain Vandergheynst
Published On 26 Aug, 2019
Consensus statement on the management of breakthrough cancer pain: Assessment, treatment and monitoring recommendations
María Dolores López Alarcón*, Francisco Villegas Estevez, Vicente Domingo Triado, Pilar Blasco Segura, Genoveva Hernández Comes, Alfonso Berrocal Jaime, Ana Blasco Cordellat, Jorge Pastor Peidro, José López Torrecilla, Carlos Ferrer Albiach, Almudena Ruiz Sastre and Manuel Hernández Peris
Published On 26 Aug, 2019
Double tail anomaly and surgical intervention
Khurram Ashfaq, Amjad Islam Aqib*, Babar Rashid, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Fakhar-e-Alam Kulyar, Rana Faisal Naeem, Zeeshan Ahmad Bhutta, Muhammad Shoaib and Asma Hamid
Published On 26 Aug, 2019
Isolated splenic metastasis: An unusual presentation of colonic adenocarcinoma
Mohsin Aijaz*, Mahboob Hasan and Feroz Alam
Published On 24 Aug, 2019
An analysis of the practices of caesarean section in sub-Saharan Africa: A summary of the literature
Michel Dikete*, Yves Coppieters, Philippe Trigaux, Yvon Englert, Philippe Simon and W Zhang
Published On 24 Aug, 2019
Can current Indian health system achieve health related SDG’s?
Suresh Kishanrao*
Published On 23 Aug, 2019
Outcomes of Extra-Octave Fractures in children
Colton Ryan* and William Hennrikus
Published On 23 Aug, 2019
Human skin biology and the search for the truth
José Mesquita-Guimarães*
Published On 21 Aug, 2019
Sedentarism and Metabolic Syndrome: Broadening the measurement of sedentarism
Lucélia Cunha Magalhães*, Silva DO, Araújo MJ, RN Lessa I, Almeida Filho N, Aquino EML
Published On 20 Aug, 2019
Psychology of doctor-patient relationship in general medicine
Jose Luis Turabian*
Published On 20 Aug, 2019
Neuroplasticity and neuronal communications in the healthy and in the disease brain
María Pilar González*, Adrián Macho-González, Alba Garcimartin, María Elvira López- Oliva, Juana Benedi and José Joaquín Merino
Published On 20 Aug, 2019
Contribution of viruses to cancer and its global burden
Shahzeb Khan Shaz*
Published On 20 Aug, 2019
Soil abiotic and microbial legacies jointly contribute to growth of invasive Solidago canadensis
Shu-Qi Zhou, Zuo-Fu Wei, Yu-Fei Zhao and Li-Jia Dong*
Published On 20 Aug, 2019
The association between copy number variant of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme gene and the risk of Ascending Aortic Aneurysm in Bicuspid and Tricuspid Aortic Valve
Azadeh Motavalli Naeini, Maryam Sotoudeh Anvari*, Shayan Ziaee, Ali Hosseinsabet, Mohammadali Boroumand and Kyomars Abbasi
Published On 20 Aug, 2019
The long term effects of firearm injuries on special senses
Shrinivas Chavan*, Rakesh Waghmare, Vinayak Kurle and Archana Sylendran
Published On 19 Aug, 2019
Intracranial aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage in a 4-years-old patient
Flávio Ramalho Romero1* and Rodolfo Brum Vieira2
Published On 19 Aug, 2019
Middle ear problems in children with cleft palate: A cross-sectional study
Frederick Dochy*, Eva Vanheule, Els De Leenheer and Helen Van Hoecke
Published On 19 Aug, 2019
Endoscopic removal of bullet lodged in nasal roof
Vanitha Palanisamy* and Prepageran Narayanan
Published On 16 Aug, 2019
Variation of caesarean section rates in Sub-Saharan Africa: A literature review
Dikete M*, Coppieters Y, Trigaux P, Fils JF, Englert Y, Simon P and Zhang W
Published On 14 Aug, 2019
Frequency and types of chromosomal abnormalities in acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients in Turkey
Osman Demirhana*, Nilgün Tanrıverdia and Dilara Süleymanovaa
Published On 14 Aug, 2019
A very rare mass in the uterus: Malignant lymphoma
Fatma Devran Bıldırcın*
Published On 13 Aug, 2019
Roles of demographics, anthropometric and metabolic syndrome on cognition among mid adults from rural population in Nigeria
Valentine A Ucheagwu*, Cyriacus Ajaelu, Paul C Okoli, Jesse Ossai, Philip C Ofojebe and Rita Ugokwe- Joseph
Published On 13 Aug, 2019
RP-HPLC determination of Furosine in fermented milk of different brands retailed in China
Mekonen Tekliye, Xu Pei and Mingsheng Dong*
Published On 13 Aug, 2019
Microbiota Disease
Álvaro Zamudio-Tiburcio*, Héctor Bermúdez-Ruiz and Pedro Antonio Reyes-López
Published On 13 Aug, 2019
Herat failure and chronic obstructive airway disease as combined comorbidities. Meta-analysis and Review
Hadi AR Hadi Khafaji*, Jassim Al Suwaidi and Asim Cheema
Published On 12 Aug, 2019
The new paradigm in thermodynamic formulation of electrolytic systems – A review
Anna M Michałowska-Kaczmarczyk and Tadeusz Michałowski*
Published On 12 Aug, 2019
A foreign body aspiration presenting as left sided empyema and its removal by novel method
Ramniwas*, Gopal Chawla, Nishant Kumar Chauhan and Naveen Dutt
Published On 12 Aug, 2019
HPLC-DAD method for simultaneous determination of natural polyphenols
Vanya Dimcheva*, Nikolay Kaloyanov, Maria Karsheva, Milena Funeva-Peycheva and Nadezhda Stoilova
Published On 08 Aug, 2019
Antifungal activity and phytochemical analysis of selected fruit peels
Oladele Oluwole Olakunle*, Joy Blessing Deborah and Okosodo Juliana Irene
Published On 07 Aug, 2019
Anterior Knee Pain reduction by patellar thickness reduction in Total Knee Replacement
Choochat Kantayaporn* and Teerachai Puempanich
Published On 07 Aug, 2019
Influence of social isolation and aggressive behavior in the appearance of Depression-like in Experimental model
Gabriel Melo de Oliveira* and Cleiton Felizardo Brito
Published On 06 Aug, 2019
Mother killed her newborn baby
Siniša Franjić*
Published On 05 Aug, 2019
General surgery under limited conditions on the Syrian border
Mustafa Senturk*
Published On 05 Aug, 2019
Evaluating the relevance and clarity of the heart failure eMeasure implementation toolkit by using a webbased survey instrument
Megha Kalsy*, Katherine Sward, Bruce Bray, Andrew Redd, Karen Eilbeck and Jennifer H Garvin
Published On 05 Aug, 2019
Effects of water depth on growth performance of Indian major carps at a poly culture system in Bangladesh
Md Hafi z All Hosen, Koushik Sarker, Mousumi Sarker Chhanda* and Nipa Gupta
Published On 05 Aug, 2019
Comparison of Blood Pressure measurements taken by one stage approach, two stage approach and digital apparatus
Kusum K*, Shruti C, Ravikant, Vasantha Kalyani, Anjana Singh
Published On 05 Aug, 2019
Evaluation of success and toxicity of autologous stem cell transplantation in patients with multiple myeloma in the geriatric age group
Mehmet Ali Uçar*, Simten Dağdaş, Funda Ceran, Mesude Falay and Gülsüm Özet
Published On 03 Aug, 2019
Suppurrative prostatitis with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia: A case report and revi1ew of literature
Paul E Ngwu*, Cornelius C Chukwuegbo and George O Achor
Published On 03 Aug, 2019
Efficiency of Triple Antibiotic Mixture and Propolis as Intracanal Medication in Revascularization process in immature apex: A clinical study
Tariq Yehia Abdelrahman Mohamed Yehia*, Salma El-Ashry, Kareem El- Batoty and Soha El-Hady
Published On 02 Aug, 2019
Impact of Oxidative stress on Infertility, with emphasis on infertility management strategies
Pamela Banerjee* and Jayashree Bhattacharya
Published On 02 Aug, 2019

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