Hemodynamic and cardiopulmonary structural and functional changes post TIPSS: A review
Gupta Ajay Kumar1, Tu Rong Fnag1, Tang Ying Mei1* and Tong Yu Yun2
Published On 09 Jul, 2019
The potential for Big Data in Type 2 diabetes
Hyer SL1*, Chang J2, Chuah LL3, Manzoor R4 and Philip N5
Published On 08 Jul, 2019
Woakes’ syndrome: Report of a rare case
Amar Hazwan1, Shi Nee T1,2* and Syed Zaifullah Syed Hamzah1,3
Published On 08 Jul, 2019
Trends in MacTel treatment: A vascular or neurological disease?
Hossein Ghahvehchian, Hamid Riazi- Esfahani and Masoud Mirghorbani*
Published On 06 Jul, 2019
Determination of arsenic, copper and lead in the water of villages of Chalkidiki, Greece
Maria A Anagnostopoulou* and Neil I Ward
Published On 05 Jul, 2019
Alazami syndrome in an Afghani girl: A case report and review of literature
Mazen S Alzahrani1* and Lynne M Bird2
Published On 05 Jul, 2019
3D Bioprinting: An attractive alternative to traditional organ transplantation
Darakhshanda Iram1, Rafi a Riaz1 and Rana Khalid Iqbal1*
Published On 05 Jul, 2019
Effect of the additive dentine conditioning in all-in-one adhesives on the bonding strength at simulated intrapulpal pressure
Gerhardt T, Hasselmann S, Humpich T, Fielmann N, Giraki M, Rüttermann S and Gerhardt-Szép S*
Published On 05 Jul, 2019
Diagnostic accuracy of dipsticks test among clinically suspected urinary tract infected patients at National Hospital, Tanzania
Leonard Katunzi1, George Msema Bwire1*, James Kalabashanga2, Lilian Nkinda3, Akili Mawazo4 and Kennedy Daniel Mwambete1
Published On 03 Jul, 2019
Myeloproliferative Neoplasms: Fatigue, depression & hemoglobi
Marina Stal*
Published On 02 Jul, 2019
Black quanta. On the thermodynamics of the black holes
M Apostol*
Published On 02 Jul, 2019
Regain balance: Recovery of postural perturbations of people with and without chronic low back pain
Martin Götze*, Markus Koch and Reinhard Blickhan
Published On 01 Jul, 2019
Parasitoid of Dipterous collected in Brazil
Carlos Henrique Marchiori*
Published On 01 Jul, 2019
Surviving my Lymphoma – The disease of sorrow
Ayala Yeheskel1 and Aya Biderman2*
Published On 01 Jul, 2019

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