Safety of Thrombolytic therapy at emergency department vs coronary care unit: A comparative study of 100 patients at tertiary Cardiac care centre
Sadia Saif, Rehana Khadim*, Muhammad Asad, Mubarra Nasir, Mir Waqas Baloch, Urooj Alam, Farhan Tuyyab and Sumia Aslam
Published On 29 Mar, 2019
Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome and Myocardial Infarction: A Systematic Review
Mohammed Al-Sadawi, Richi Chowdhury, Seline Asun, Justina Ray, Lina Soni1, Gul Bahtiyar, Debora Ponse and Samy I McFarlane*
Published On 29 Mar, 2019
Nephrotoxic and Hepatotoxic Effects of Clerodendrum capitatum (Willd) Schumach et. Thonn and Phyllanthus fraternus Schum. and Thonn. (Euphorbiaceae) extracts used as food grains protectant on Albino rats
Jacobs Mobolade Adesina*, Oyedele Elliot Seyifunmi, Thomas Inomisan Ofuya and Titilayo Elizabeth Mobolade-Adesina
Published On 29 Mar, 2019
Status of Prenatal Assistance services for Syphilis Infected Pregnant Women on Region of Baixada Santista, Sp, Brazil
Roberto Focaccia*, Patricia Gomes Di Napoli, Karla Fabiana Begosso Sampaio da Fonseca Carbonari, Aline Andruskevicius de Castro, Agatha Rossi Dias, Amanda Machado Amaral de Freitas, Ana Carolina C Cossich, Allyne Fernandes Couto, Beatriz Bandini Gonçalves, Bruna Oliveira Ambrogi, Camila Salles Lopes, Carolina Zavatini Pereira, Leticia Villela Quirino de Souza, Laís Ribeiro Santos, Luiza Thienne Colombo, Marília Paliato, Suzana Helena Martins Mesquita and Ilham El Maerrawi
Published On 28 Mar, 2019
A Switch to the Duodenal Switch
Aniceto Baltasar*, Nieves Pérez, Rafael Bou, Marcelo Bengochea and Carlos Serra
Published On 25 Mar, 2019
Vacuum-assisted foetal delivery device to remove a rectal foreign body – A novel application of the Ventouse method
Basilie Teoh*, Raaj Chandra, Jacob McCormick and Ran Li
Published On 23 Mar, 2019
Pathological lumbar hernia following recurrent retroperitoneal abscess
Tiffany J Cherry*, Ran Li and Rezvaneh Shakerian
Published On 23 Mar, 2019
Purpose of the measurement of intraoperative hepatic hemodynamics in liver transplant surgery
Pablo Lozano*, Lorena Martín, Maitane Orue-Echebarria, José Manuel Asencio, Hemant Sharma and Jose Ángel López Baena
Published On 22 Mar, 2019
Gallbladder volvulus mimicking a cardiac event – an unusual presentation
Basilie Teoh*, Nicole Campbell, Paul Flanagan and Ian Campbell
Published On 21 Mar, 2019
The antioxidant status in Trichinella Spiralis-infected rats, improved by Selenium supplementation
Margarita Gabrashanska, Svetlozara Petkova and Svetla E Teodorova*
Published On 21 Mar, 2019
Robot-assisted First Fib Resection for Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Vancoillie Peter Jan, Wybaillie Elke, Maene Lieven and Beelen Roel*
Published On 21 Mar, 2019
Parkon as a treatment of the Parkinson’s disease
Golubev VL, Sadekov PA, Pilipovich AA, Goldstein NI*
Published On 19 Mar, 2019
ROTEM and vitro reversal of warfarin with APCC
Kornhall L, Wikander D, Strandberg K, Berntorp E and Schött U*
Published On 18 Mar, 2019
The effect of Bilateral Thyroplasty on swallowing for Presbylaryngis
Che Hung Kuo, Hsing Mei Wu, Clint Tanner Allen, Yih Jeng Tsai, Chu Chun Huang and Chia Jung Lee*
Published On 14 Mar, 2019
Do proton pump inhibitors harm to semen? Hyderabad Sindh based study
Imran Ali Shaikh*, Naila Masood and Tariq Zaffar Shaikh
Published On 14 Mar, 2019
Hepatitis B treatment in Light of Natural sources
Aisha Shehzad, Abida Hussain, Shifa Iman, Sohail Ahmed and Faiza Naseer*
Published On 13 Mar, 2019
Influence of structured reporting of tooth-colored indirect restorations on clinical decision-making
Berz Tamara, Möltner Andreas, Giraki Maria, Obreja Karina, Parvini Puria, Rüttermann Stefan, and Gerhardt-Szép Susanne*
Published On 12 Mar, 2019
The correlation between temporomandibular disorders, atypical swallowing and dyslalia
Alessandro Marchesi, Daniele D’Apote, Anna D’Apote*, Riccardo Ciancaglini and Laura Strohmenger
Published On 12 Mar, 2019
Recanalization of long iliac occlusions by humeral and radial approach- About 30 cases
Aabdou A*, Ezzahraoui MR, Almahraoui O and Alaoui M
Published On 12 Mar, 2019
Synthesis of Some Aryl Ketoxime Derivatives with their in vitro Anti-microbial and Cytotoxic Activity
Oguzhan Karaosmanoglu, Burcu Butun*, Hakan Dal, Hulya Sivas and Kadriye Benkli
Published On 08 Mar, 2019
The History of Cystic Fibrosis
Javier Pérez-Frías, Estela Pérez Ruiz, María del Carmen López Castillo* and Pilar Caro García
Published On 07 Mar, 2019
T-cell malignancies pathogenesis, a system hematology/oncology
Jalal Naghinezhad*, Jalil Rohani, Shahriyar Gholizadeh, Sajjad Ehtiati, Jamshid Gholizadeh and Hossein Ayatollahi
Published On 07 Mar, 2019
Clinical, Laboratory, Ultrasound and FNB aspects of thyroid nodules with calcifications
Maria Lúcia D’Arbo Alves* and Manoel Henrique Cintra Gabarra
Published On 05 Mar, 2019
Space Equations
Prince Jessii*
Published On 04 Mar, 2019
Could neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio be a new mortality predictor value in severe burns?
Ali Ciftci*, Osman Esen, M Burc Yazicioglu, M Celalettin Haksal, Cagri Tiryaki, Abdullah Gunes, Osman Civil, Mehmet Ozyildiz and Hayrunisa Esen
Published On 01 Mar, 2019
Short term subjective outcomes of lateral fracture as a complementary treatment of coblation turbinoplasty in traumatized nose
Pier Giorgio Giacomini*, Francesco Maria Passali, Barbara Flora, Valentina Rosati and Stefano Di Girolamo
Published On 01 Mar, 2019

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