Observational study to analyse the opioid titration process in the treatment of breakthrough pain of cancer patients in clinical practice
Lara Iglesias-Docampo, Paola Pimentel-Cáceres, Mª Paola García-Coves, José Luis Firvida-Pérez, Julio José Lambea-Sorrosal, Antonio Andrés Rueda-Ramos, Iker López-Calderero, Juan Antonio Núñez-Sobrino, Antonio Javier Jiménez-López, Ana Cabezón-Álvarez and Begoña Soler-López*
Published On 31 May, 2019
Primary Obstructive Megaureter in Children: to Treat or not?
Zampieri Nicola*, Cecchetto Mariangela, Patanè Simone, Vestri Elettra and Camoglio Francesco Saverio
Published On 31 May, 2019
Clinical profile of Dengue infection at a center in north Karnataka, India
Adnan Imam and Prashanth ED*
Published On 31 May, 2019
Colorimetric determination of chromium in aluminium alloys by diphenylcarbazide method
Peter Chikezie Ayogu and Fabian Ifeanyi Eze*
Published On 31 May, 2019
Mixed Adenoneuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Ampulla of Vater
Gabriel Carneiro Fernandes Fonsêca*, Marcelo Gonçalves Sousa, Rômulo Gioia Santos Júnior, Gabriela Albuquerque Batista de Araújo and Marcelo Moura Linhares
Published On 29 May, 2019
Successful double valve replacement in a pregnant woman with refractory heart failure due to early dysfunction of the biological prosthesis in the aortic valve position
José C Candia, José F Alderete, Jorge Martínez, Oscar A Lovera, Jorge Jarolín and Osmar Antonio Centurión*
Published On 28 May, 2019
Sexual dimorphism and anthropometric measurements of foot in adult Oyemekun ethnic group population in Akure, South-West Nigeria
Adelakun SA*, Ogunlade B, Akingbade GT, Olayemi OT, Fidelis OP and Owolabi FM
Published On 28 May, 2019
Complications of Robotic Surgery in Oncological Gynecology: The Experience of the Brazilian National Institute of Cancer
Érico Lustosa Ferreira, Julio C Nunes, Mariana Zandoná, Caio Perret, Rossano Fiorelli* and Agostinho Manuel da Silva Ascenção
Published On 24 May, 2019
Chronic demyelinating polyneuropathy associated with anti-ganglioside GQ1b antibodies in peripheral T-cell lymphoma
Salem Bahashwan*, Carolyne Croizier, Xavier Moisset, Romain Guièze, Bertrand Evrard, Olivier Tournilhac, Jacques-Olivier Bay and Richard Lemal
Published On 23 May, 2019
Prevalence of age Related Macular Degeneration in A Tertiary Care centre
Jayashree MP, Harika JVL*, Arathi C, Brijesh A Patil and Niveditha RK
Published On 23 May, 2019
Alcohol, hepatitis C screening and hepatic fibrosis in drug users
Di Nino F, Chaffraix F, Schaeffer M and Doffoel M
Published On 22 May, 2019
Large Prostatic Calculus in an Alkaptonuria patient – Caught unaware
Sivasankaran Nachimuthu*, Kallappan Senthil and Manickam Ramalingam
Published On 17 May, 2019
Effect of smartphone addiction on reaction time in geriatric population
Simran Grewal* and Rajneet Kaur Sahni
Published On 16 May, 2019
Medication adherence and its associated factors among hypertensive patients in a tertiary health facility in Minna, North Central Nigeria
Mohammed Ndagi Usman*, Mohammad Danjuma Umar, Fatima Auwal Idris and Yusuf Abdullahi
Published On 16 May, 2019
Vitor Quality of Life Scale for the elderly: Construction
José Vitor da Silva*, Makilim Nunes Baptista
Published On 15 May, 2019
Palatal pedicle graft for management of a severe case of black triangle: A case report
Saket Kashyap*, Siddharth Rai, Sandeep JN and Sushama R Galgali
Published On 15 May, 2019
Superior Patellar Sleeve Fracture: A case report and review of the published evidence
Rafik Yassa*, Tobenna J Oputa, Mark McNair and Roland Michaud
Published On 13 May, 2019
Rare primary sternal tumours – Reports of two cases
Sunil Kumar Rout*, Chandrabhanu Parija and Devidutta Mohanty
Published On 13 May, 2019
Epidemiological factors in patients with larynx cancer treated by surgery, radiotherapy or therapeutic associations
Gustavo Henrique Barbosa Nunes Da Silva, Michelle Gomes Miranda, Débora Souza Rodrigues, Geralda Rodrigues De Souza, Christiana Vargas Ribeiro*
Published On 08 May, 2019
Malignant hyperthermia in Lesch-Nyhan disease
William L Nyhan* and Michelle Lucas
Published On 08 May, 2019
Risk assessment and anesthesia management in children with congenital heart disease undergoing non-cardiac surgery
Kemal Tolga Saracoglu*, Ayten Saracoglu and Recep Demirhan
Published On 08 May, 2019
Serum cystatin C as an early marker of Acute Kidney Injury in elderly patients after surgery for femur fracture. An observational study
José de Souza Andrade Neto, MD, PhD, Vera Lucia Fernandes de Azevedo, MD, PhD, Italo Lopes and Carvalho, MD, Reinaldo da Silva Santos Junior, MD, MsC, Paulo do Nascimento Junior, MD, PhD and Norma Sueli Pinheiro Modolo, MD, PhD
Published On 06 May, 2019
A fatal case of myxedema coma
Fatima Zahra El Bouazzaoui*, Imane Boubagura, Sana Rafi, Ghizlane El Mghari and Nawal El Ansari
Published On 02 May, 2019
Stent thrombosis associated with newer P2Y12 inhibitors (Ticagrelor and Pasugrel) in a STEMI patient
Mohammed Al Jarallah, Rajesh Rajan*, Raja Dashti, Vladimir Kotevski, Nader Alasousi, Ibrahim Mahmoud Elkhouly and Ahmed Mousa
Published On 02 May, 2019

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