Machine learning methods for optical communications
Machine learning methods for optical communications
Published On 17 Sep, 2020
Experience of Covid 19 disease in the head nurse of the infectious ward of Masih Daneshvari Hospital in Tehran, Iran
Narges Fakhari, Beheshteh Jebelli, Majid Marjani, Mohammad Varahram and Elham Ghazanchaei*
Published On 15 Sep, 2020
The Impact of Artificial intelligence and Robotics on the Future Employment Opportunities
Kamran Shaukat*, Farhat Iqbal, Talha Mahboob Alam, Gagandeep Kaur Aujla, Liton Devnath, Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Rimsha Iqbal, Irum Shahzadi and Afifah Rubab
Published On 15 Sep, 2020
Breast Implant Illness: Mini Review
Samantha Muktar and Dibyesh Banerjee*
Published On 15 Sep, 2020
COVID-19 aerosols and droplets and their entry into lung alveoli
Sheldon Weinbaum*, Bingmei Fu and Herbert G Kayser
Published On 15 Sep, 2020
Role of perceived spousal social support in medication adherence among hypertensive patients attending family medicine clinic in federal teaching hospital, ido-ekiti, Nigeria
Ekundayo OO*, Elegbede OT, Gabriel-Alayode OE, Agboola SM, Shabi OM, Bello IS, Omosanya OE, Ajetunmobi OA and Fashola AM
Published On 14 Sep, 2020
SARS-Cov-2 Systems Biology
José Díaz*
Published On 11 Sep, 2020
Amendments to the WHO Interim Guidance on Preventing COVID-19 Outbreak in Prisons: Remarks from Germany
Karlheinz Keppler, Babak Moazen* and Heino Stöver
Published On 10 Sep, 2020
Comparison of risk factors, management and outcome between early and lately detected gestational diabetes mellitus patients
Mohammad Moin Shahid*, Richmond Ronald Gomes, KM Thouhidur Rahman, ABM Kamrul Hasan, and Shah Mohammad Fahim
Published On 08 Sep, 2020
An atypical pulmonary presentation of Sjögren’s Syndrome
Juan M Garcia Puebla*, Arnaldo Nieves Ortiz, Kyomara Hernández Moya, Kimberly C Padilla Rodríguez, Ileana Rivera Burgos, María C Betancourt Quiles and Ricardo Fernández González
Published On 07 Sep, 2020
Duane-Radial Ray syndrome a SALL4-Related Disorder. Report of a case in Chile
Jonathan Huserman* and Catherine Diaz
Published On 07 Sep, 2020
Autologous flap reconstruction as a unique opportunity for weight loss and breast cancer risk reduction: A case report
Brian P Dickinson*, Ayushi Patel, Judy Pham, Nikkie Vu-Huynh, Monica B Vu, Heather Macdonald, Abigail Madans, Merry Tetef, Kevin Lin, Jennifer Overstreet, Lucia Vu and Peter Ashjian
Published On 07 Sep, 2020
A Young Lady with ANA negative SLE with Secondary Anti Phospholipid Syndrome
Richmond Ronald Gomes* and Saiful Bahar Khan
Published On 07 Sep, 2020
Orthopedic surgical practice in context of the COVID-19 pandemic
Ratko Yurac B*, Juan J Zamorano and Carlos Valderrama
Published On 07 Sep, 2020
Skin coloration and habitat preference of the freshwater Anguilla eels
Hsiang-Yi Hsu, Yen-Ting Lin, Yi-Cheng Huang*, Yu-San Han
Published On 03 Sep, 2020
Transition between canonical to non-canonical Wnt signaling during interactions between mesenchymal stem cells and osteosarcomas
Masha Asulin, Noa Ben Ghedalia-Peled, Ifat Cohen Erez, Yvonne Ventura and Razi Vago*
Published On 03 Sep, 2020
Mycotoxins produced by fusarium species associated with maize ear rot in Iran
Maryam Fallahi and Hossein Saremi*
Published On 03 Sep, 2020
Anesthesia and analgesia for shoulder surgery
Ahmet Eroglu*
Published On 02 Sep, 2020
Inosine Pranobex (IP) - possibilities of its use in the treatment of COVID19
Svetozár Dluholucký*
Published On 01 Sep, 2020
Anatomy Respect in Implant Dentistry. Assortment, Location, Clinical Importance (Review Article)
Rawaa Y Al-Rawee* and Mohammed Mikdad Abdalfattah
Published On 01 Sep, 2020
Why should everybody learn Last Aid to provide end-of-life care?
Georg Bollig* and Erika Zelko
Published On 01 Sep, 2020

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