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Presence of Society of Pharmacology in the Department of Pharmacy: A Leading Step to Promote Pharmacology

Naveed Ullah*

Department of Pharmacy, University of Swabi, Swabi, KPK, Pakistan
*Corresponding author: Dr. Naveed Ullah, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, University of Swabi, Pakistan, Tel: 0092-345-5910522; E-mail:;
Received: 02 December, 2016 | Accepted: 29 December, 2016 | Published: 30 December, 2016
Keywords: Pharmacy; Pharmacology; Society; Presence; Importance

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Ullah N (2016) Presence of Society of Pharmacology in the Department of Pharmacy: A Leading Step to Promote Pharmacology. Open J Pharmacol Pharmacother 2(1): 011-014. DOI: 10.17352/ojpp.000005

The Society is a form of charity which will have a task to advance and encourage the entire spectrum of Pharmacology and may leads the way in research and appliance of Pharmacology throughout the world. Focus made recently in the Department of Pharmacy, University of Swabi on the current point, and a society have been developed for the betterment of Pharmacology/ drug knowledge at Department level, University level and at the Global community. The detailed aims and objective have been discussed which may concluded to the betterment of health, awareness about drugs, easy to gain knowledge by the Pharmacy students, to minimize toxic and unwanted effects of the drugs, potency and efficacy of the drugs and most importantly to promote Pharmacology, which is a major, major and major subject in the field of health, Pharmacy and medical sciences.


A society is a cluster of people involved in social interaction, or large groups sharing same environmental or social field, typically subject to same political ability and leading cultural prospect. Societies are characterized by type of relationships between persons who share a characteristic culture and institutions, a society may be explained as sum of total of such relationships between its members.

Pharmacology is the branch of science, medicine and biology deals with the study of drug actions [1], where as a drug can be defined as any natural, synthetic or endogenous molecule which exerts a biochemical and physiological effects on the tissues, cells/organs. More specifically, it can be defined as the study of the interactions occurs between a living body and chemicals/drugs that affect the normal or abnormal function.

Sharing of Ideas or a educational relationship among individuals who are directly or indirectly related with drugs/ medicine or chemicals may be called society of Pharmacology. There are a number of pharmacological societies existing worldwide including; American society for clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, British pharmacological society, Canadian society of pharmacology and therapeutics, American society for pharmacology and experimental therapeutics etc, which have broad functions for the promotion of knowledge about drugs. If we have a little bit exploration in the knowledge about British pharmacological society, it was founded in 1931, by a group of 20 pharmacologists [2]. It was decided that the members will meet at least one time a year for the reading of research papers on pharmacology subject and there will be discussion of questions raised and publications and to promote relations between the pharmacologists all over the world [3]. The present study was aimed to explore the role and importance of the society of pharmacology in the department of pharmacy.


To explore the role of society of pharmacology in the department of pharmacy, a real step has been taken on December 11, 2015 in the department of pharmacy, University of Swabi. A formal function of oath taking ceremony has been organized as shown in Figure 1.

All the students, faculty members and administrative staff took part in it. Before the start of function general election have been performed among the students and the following members have been elected as given in Table 1.

The following aims for the establishment of society have been presented by Dr. Naveed Ullah, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy department, University of Swabi as shown in Figure 2.

Development of society website

To develop and properly run a website on the name of society, is must for sharing information because in today’s era it utmost essential to use electronic media for sharing information. It will not only important for sharing information regards society, but it also work for awareness about drug use and side effects. Currently we have started a face book account and a page by the name of Society of Pharmacology department of pharmacy university of Swabi.

• Necessary for the progress and achievements of its main goals

• Sharing information about drug use, adverse effects among medical related individuals and awareness humanities

• Publications related to medicines and events organized by the society will be published on that web page

Awareness about drugs

As pharmacy is a lifesaving profession, so it is the 1st and important duty of a pharmacist to save lives. His/her life will be fully devoted for the benefits of human life. Drugs and medicines are used for treatment purposes, but medicines in large quantity may serve as toxic. The Function of Society of Pharmacology as to aware the people about drugs knowledge may provide real structure for the pharmacist to which they fit. Currently the awareness program about drug is continued by the Society with the help of its face book account.

• Awareness at departmental level, highly authentic and self-explanatory, knowledge full

• Awareness at university level, in highly educated manner and easy to understand

• Awareness of general public about any new effect identified regards any drug which may be synergistic, highly potent, abolished, adverse or side effect

Arrangement of drug exhibition

A practical way of exploring drug knowledge to the students, teachers, administration, and each and every person within the university and outside the community by the name of drug exhibition and is considered to be a great step in the functions of society of pharmacology in an institute. This program has been organized on May 25, 2016 which was really appreciated by all, and considered to be a great step towards practical knowledge as shown in Figure 3.

• Arrangement of drug stalls in form of real structure, interesting mechanisms of their use and effects and May allowed for pharmacy department, all university or all outside individuals including students, teachers and general public.

• Displaying of drugs for sharing information in collaboration of Pharmaceutical industries, in the form drug samples

• Invitations for physicians which be a step to increase the interest of students, who have taken part in its organization.

Arrangement of quiz competition

This may be an interesting and knowledge based competition, may works as a reagent for gaining knowledge. Without an interest, as it is impossible to accomplish a project, so arrangement of a quiz competition among student, makes an educational environment and buck ups the student’s interests towards knowledge gaining. This type of activity is most important for subjects like pharmacology because of its volatile nature ( Figure 4 ).

• Quiz Competition within class in small groups

• On specific topics especially related to drugs and any new information reported/ related to drugs

• A tug of war in the form of knowledge exchange; inter-departmental, inter-university and with other universities

Organizing seminars

An audio-visual way of learning, in the form of interesting seminars which make easy to learn a topic will be organized by the society. Special cartoony images may be inserted to make it more interesting and easy gainful. The society may organize seminars throughout the year on various topics like prevention and treatment of TB, Angina, Hepatitis, Diabetes, bacterial resistance and Hypertension etc.

• Conduct and organize seminars/ Presentations (on various topics, which may enhance the knowledge of pharmacology)

• These seminars may be at departmental, national and international levels depending upon the importance of topic and need of exposure

Information about new drugs

The society will work to explore any new information, obtain from any part of world, with specific and authentic reference, and share with the media. Any harmful or new useful effect will be picked and after authenticity, will be shared to the public or to those who need to be informed.

• Information will be collected and shared.

• Good way to remind information about newly invented drugs.

• All the collected and shared information will be stored for publishing annual report.

Research work on drugs

Any research work performed under the society of pharmacology will be specifically explored on the web, and a collaborative exploration or further elaboration will be conducted. Coordination will be provided by the society to research work in the field of pharmacology

• The organizers will deliver knowledge regarding research, done under the head of society

• Special seminars for the promotion of research work will be organized which may help to promote and expand research work.

Medical camps

Drug related medical camps will be organized inside the university and outside the community where it should be considered necessary, dependent upon the requirement of public as like any disaster area, flood, or any disease disturbed area.

• Medical camps will be organized for consultation, drugs information, and free drugs

• Blood Groups identification, Blood Donation and vaccination may also be provided if supported by the organizations

• Diabetes test, temperature of the body and blood pressure monitoring may also be provided

Annual report

In the last of each and every session (year) an annual report will be published which will have all the information shared on web page, all communications, all events organized by the society and research updates. And will be saved as a reference book.

• Annual report will be published each and every year

• All the drug information/ activities run on society website will be imported

• Conclusions about the output of society will be summarized and if needs future plans will be disclosed.


From the current study, it can be concluded that the presence of an educational society is for the betterment of education, as like the society of Pharmacology in the department of Pharmacology/Pharmacy. Due to their vital functions it is the utmost need of each and every department, where pharmacology exist (due to its volatile nature); to establish a society which will perform different functions to explore and easy understandable to the students by various means as in the form of seminars, exhibitions, quiz competitions, drug information’s and arrangement of medical camps etc.

Society of Pharmacology, Department of Pharmacy is highly acknowledged.

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