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Efforts to improve the visibility of journals: Peertechz

Unquestionably, improving the visibility of published articles is the cornerstone for defining added value of the hard work done by the researchers as well as for attracting more manuscripts. Each year, millions of scientific articles are published in thousands of journals across the globe. Formulating various ways to promote one’s research work for maximum impact is, therefore, considered a wise step. Peertechz has considered several applicable steps to improve the level of articles visibility.

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Tips to decrease Manuscript rejection rates: Peertechz

Manuscripts rejection is very discouraging to scholars who spend years planning their research, securing funding, compiling and analyzing data, and making sound conclusions that could benefit their readers. Knowing the most common reasons for rejection helps to ensure that manuscript receives a thorough review so that scholars can address any concerns and resubmit..

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For PEERTECHZ, Gold OA plays an important part in allowing us to fulfill our mission of furthering the advancement of learning, knowledge, and research worldwide.
Open Access (OA) makes scholarly research permanently available online without restriction, which can provide benefits to all those who have a stake in the scholarly publishing process – researchers, funders, students, librarians, scholarly societies, publishers and the general public. .

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