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Articles from Australia

Page Kidney Phenomenon following Kidney Graft Biopsy
Jackie Mak and Bulang He*
Published On 23 May, 2018
Proposal for an Urgency Score as General Referral Strategy to Second- Care Rheumatology
Mohamed Omar Ghazal and Michael Schirmer*
Published On 07 Feb, 2017
Prosthetic Functional Rehabilitation Following Resection of an Oral Malignoma – A Case Report
Zupancic-Cepic L*, Eder J, Schmid-Schwap M and Piehslinger E
Published On 09 Jan, 2017
A ‘Field of Mouths’: Damselfishes in the Intertidal of Heron Island Cay, Great Barrier Reef
John Lucas*, Leya Koh, Maximilian Rath, Jasper Synowski, Richard Vierick and Salomé Willer
Published On 03 Jan, 2017
Current Pathogenetic Concepts of Vascular Cognitive Impairment
Kurt A Jellinger*
Published On 30 Dec, 2016
In Painful Shoulder Disease, Inpatient Rehabilitation has Long Term Benefits with or without Therapeutic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Werner Kullich*, Barbara Stritzinger, Monika Mustak-Blagus, Albrecht Falkenbach, Jutta Rus-Machan, Thomas Berger and Bibiane Steinecker-Frohnwieser
Published On 23 Dec, 2016
Trans Tracheal Approach to the Oesophagus: Case Report
Angelica Lynch*, Chris Perry, Bernard Mark Smithers, Raefe Gundelach and Daniel Rowe
Published On 15 Dec, 2016
Diabesity Increases Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
Dayre A, Pouvreau C, Butkowski EG, de Jong B and Jelinek HF*
Published On 01 Oct, 2016
Ameloblastoma, Human Papillomavirus, and p16- is there An Association?
Thasvir Singh*, Christopher Angel, Sepehr Tabrizi, Alyssa Cornall, John Clement and Arun Chandu
Published On 11 May, 2016
Antidiabetic, Antihypertensive and Statin Medication Use in Metabolic Syndrome
Ie Butkowski E, Brix L, Al-Aubaidy HA, Kiat H and Jelinek HF*
Published On 01 Apr, 2016
Nano-Confined Synthesis of Fullerene Mesoporous Carbon (C60-FMC) with Bimodal Pores: XRD, TEM, Structural Properties, NMR, and Protein Immobilization
Mohammad A Wahab*, Farzana Darain#, Azharul Karim and Jorge N Beltramini*
Published On 05 Jan, 2016
Experimental Study of Impact of Foul Release with Low Surface Energy on Ship Resistance
Kianejad SS*, Seif MS and Ansarifard N
Published On 16 Dec, 2015
Dual Kidney Transplant: Clinical Experience and Overview of Surgical Techniques
Dhruv Patel, Monika Zwierzchoniewska and Bulang He*
Published On 27 Apr, 2015
Neuropeptide Research in the Eye
Josef Troger*
Published On 01 Mar, 2015
Central Corneal Thickness in Nepalese Glaucoma Patients and Glaucoma Suspects
Prakash Adhikari*, Pratik Chettry and Madhu Thapa
Published On 25 Nov, 2014

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