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Death due to circumcision? Interest of circumcision campaigns in Africa
Thomas W Djeumi T, Justin Kamga J, Achille Mbassi, Landry W Tchuenkam*, Samuel Esembe, Jules C Tagne, Daniel Shu and Jean-Christian Youmba
Published On 25 Feb, 2020
Prevalence of antimicrobial self-medication among patients attending two hospitals in the Buea Health District, Cameroon
Elvis T Amin, Njumkeng Charles, Johnson A Fondugallah, Akemfua Fualefac, Prudence Tatiana N Mvilongo, Denis Ako-Arrey and Patrick A Njunkeng*
Published On 05 Apr, 2019
The ecological impact on the distribution of Pangolins in Deng-Deng National Park, Eastern Region, Cameroon
Melle Ekane Maurice*, Esong lionel Ebong, Nkwatoh Athanasius Fuashi, Ichu Ichu Godwill and Amos Fang Zeh
Published On 26 Feb, 2019
Abdominal stab wound in A Pregnant woman resulting in Evisceration, Uterine Perforation and Fetal Chest Injury: A Case Report and Literature Review
Ousmana Oumarou, Tchuenkam W Landry*, Njweipi C Joe, Festus T Wirwah, Bisay S Ulrich and Engbang N Jean-Paul
Published On 31 Jan, 2019
The Partogram: Knowledge, Attitude and Use by Healthcare Providers at Two Hospitals in the South West Region of Cameroon
Fobellah N Nyiawung, Elvis T Amin*, Johnson A Fondungallah, Thomas O Egbe
Published On 29 Oct, 2018
Congenital pseudarthrosis of the clavicle in a 7-year-old girl: A case report treated with smooth elastic intramedullary pinning without bone grafting and literature review
Ibrahima Farikou*, Handy Eone Daniel, Fokam Pius, Nana Chunteng Theophil, Sosso Maurice Aurélien
Published On 11 Oct, 2017
Infective Endocardatis at the Yaounde General Hospital: Clinical aspects and outcome (Case Series)
Jérôme Boombhi*, Alain Menanga, Bâ Hamadou, André- Michel Yomba and Samuel Kingue
Published On 16 Aug, 2017
Sero-prevalence of Hepatitis B and C virus and High Risk of Hepatotoxicity among TB/HIV Positive and HIV Negative Population in Western Cameroon
Leonard Fonkeng Sama, Olive Ismael Nganou Djinou, Elvis Chongsi Wam, Roland Bamou, Innocent Mbulli Ali, Michel Noubom and Christopher Bonglavnyuy Tume*
Published On 13 May, 2017

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