Articles from Colombia

Use of heart rate variability in biomedical training control
Jaime Gallo-Villegas*
Published On 03 Jul, 2020
Contribution of primary health care teams to equity in universal access to health services
Gustavo Bergonzoli* and Lina María García Zapata
Published On 13 Sep, 2019
Detection of new mutations in 3 cases de novo tuberous sclerosis
Carlos Andres Quintero Vasquez, Isabel Fernandez Gonzalez, Maria Luisa Quevedo Camera, Angelica Maria Garcia Ordonez and Luis Gustavo Celis Regalado*
Published On 12 Sep, 2019
Malignant hyperthermia in young patient undergoing a surgical procedure under general anesthesia
Estéfano Arias Pastrana, Rosa Inés Carrascal Villero, Kevin Santiago Jiménez Escudero and Marlon Munera*
Published On 06 Sep, 2019
Accuracy of new CIMDER tapes and the standard MUAC tape for screening nutritional status in children
Gustavo Bergonzoli* and Oscar Echeverri
Published On 13 Jun, 2019

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