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Articles from Hungary

Behavioral therapy in diabetes mellitus and obesity
Istvan Sal* and Ildiko Kohlne
Published On 24 Aug, 2018
Connection among Body Measurements and Flying Speed of Racing Pigeon†
Steven Mercieca, Bertalan Jilly and András Gáspárdy*
Published On 10 Mar, 2017
A Socio-Economic Pilot Study on Indian Peri-Urban Dairy Production
Nayantara Ghotge, András Gáspárdy*
Published On 23 Nov, 2016
Conflicts between Clinical and Public Health Viewpoints: Colorectal Screening
L Döbrőssy*, A Kovács and A Budai
Published On 18 Jun, 2016
Risk Factors for Asthma Hospitalization among Adults and Elderly
László Makra*, István Matyasovszky, Beatrix Bálint, Károly Bodnár and Gábor Tusnády
Published On 12 Jun, 2015

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