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Assessment of sexuality in patients with Peyronie’s disease
Moussaab Rachid*, Gallouo M, Graiouid M, Allali S, Seffar A, Dakir M, Debbagh A and Aboutaieb R
Published On 05 Mar, 2020
Emergency stay triggered Tako-Tsubo syndrome: A case report and review of the literature
R Bougrine*, Y Hdidou, H Aissaoui, N Elouafi and N Ismaili
Published On 17 Dec, 2019
Snake bites in morocco: Progress and challenges
Rachid Eljaoudi, Sebastien Larreche, Salma Chakir, Fouad Chafi q, Abdelaziz Hmyene, Georges Mion, Naoual Oukkache*
Published On 21 Nov, 2019
An unusual presentation revealing pancreatic carcinoma: Sister Mary Joseph Nodule
Hafi da Sghir*, Soumia Jellal, Adil Ait Errami, Sofi a Oubaha, Zouhour Samlani and Khadija Krati
Published On 05 Nov, 2019
Sexual dysfunction in multiple sclerosis: A prospective monocentric Moroccan study
Herman Azanmasso*, Nada Kyal, Yvette Moigny, Etienne Alagnide, Karen Obondzo, Nene Camara, Fatima Lmidmani, Toussaint G Kpadonou and Abdellatif El Fatimi
Published On 01 Oct, 2019
Peripheral facial paralysis
Khalfaoui S*, El Abbassi EM
Published On 17 Jul, 2019
A fatal case of myxedema coma
Fatima Zahra El Bouazzaoui*, Imane Boubagura, Sana Rafi, Ghizlane El Mghari and Nawal El Ansari
Published On 02 May, 2019
Recanalization of long iliac occlusions by humeral and radial approach- About 30 cases
Aabdou A*, Ezzahraoui MR, Almahraoui O and Alaoui M
Published On 12 Mar, 2019
Unusual association of two rare entities: Primary rectal linitis and Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome
Haraki I*, El Yazal S, Ait Errami A, Lairani FZ, Jiddi S, Samlani Z, Krati K and Oubaha S
Published On 17 Jan, 2019
Rare case of a conjunctival cyst formation in an anophthalmic socket of a 10 years old patient
Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Hamed*, Imane Tarib and Fouad Elasri
Published On 26 Jun, 2018
Blood culture: Profi le of bacterial infections of newborns admitted from maternity
Bennaoui F*, El Idrissi Slitine N, Benbahia A, Soraa N and Maoulainine F.M.R
Published On 06 Feb, 2018
A giant abdominal well differentiated Liposarcoma: A rare etiology of abdominal mass
Soukaina EL Yazal*, Abdelouahed Louzi, Fatima Z Lairani, Soukaina Jiddi, Imane Haraki, Sofi a Oubaha, Zouhour Samlani Sebbane and Khadija Krati
Published On 31 Jan, 2018
Dietary intake of vitamin D in the Moroccan adolescents
El-houcine Sebbar*, Hicham Sam, Ennouamane Saalaoui and Mohammed Choukri
Published On 05 Jan, 2018
Calcium intake in the Moroccan adolescents
El-houcine Sebbar*, Hicham Sam, Ennouamane Saalaoui and Mohammed Choukri
Published On 11 Nov, 2017
Environmental communication in Moroccan enterprises: progress, transition and practice
Nadia Haouari, Abdelhadi Makan* and Abderrahmene El Ghmari
Published On 26 Oct, 2017
Calcium intake in the Moroccan menopausal women
Sebbar El-Houcine*, Saalaoui Ennouamane and Choukri Mohammed
Published On 15 Sep, 2017
Successful Treatment of a Bilateral Lower Palpebral MALT Lymphoma with Rapid Arc: Description of a New Technique
Issam Lalya*, Laila Baddouh, Keltoum Dahmani, Noha Zaghba, Khalid Andaloussi, Mohamed Elmarjany, Khalid Hadadi, Hassan Sifat and Hamid Mansouri
Published On 05 Jul, 2016
Plexiform Neurofibroma of the Larynx in Children: About an Unusual Case Report
R Mahdoufi*, I Barhmi, N Tazi, R Sami, R Abada, M Roubal and M Mahtar
Published On 04 Jul, 2016
Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy versus Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Literature Review
Issam Lalya*, Noha Zaghba, Khalid Andaloussi-Saghir, Mohamed Elmarjany, Laila Baddouh, Keltoum Dahmani, Khalid Hadadi, Hassan Sifat and Hamid Mansouri
Published On 22 Jun, 2016
Classical Biphasic Pulmonary Blastoma: A Case Report
A Zidane*, A Arsalane, A Elktaibi and I Gharassi
Published On 07 Mar, 2016
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Revealed by Oral Kaposi’s Sarcoma
Hanane Atarguine*, Soundous Benmoussa, Fayçal Abbad, Ouafa Hocar, Fatima Ihbibane, Hanane Rais, Noura Tassi, Nadia Akhdari, Said Amal
Published On 10 Feb, 2016
Leukemia Cutis
Amraoui Nissrine*, Gallouj S, Meziane M, Mernissi F
Published On 07 Oct, 2015
Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome with Vitiligo, Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia and Autoimmune Dermoepidermal Bullous Dermatosis
N Amraoui*, M Meziane, A Lahlou, S Gallouj, S Rabhi, W Bono, F Mernissi
Published On 28 May, 2015
Woman with Giant Lesion in the Trunk
Hanae BOUZIDI*, Salim Galouj
Published On 31 Mar, 2015

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