Articles from Russian federation

A mathematical description of the arrhythmia of the heart
VI Kaganov*
Published On 26 Jul, 2019
Determination of pyridoxine by means of an indicator diazo-test strip
Vera M Ostrovskaya, Alexander V Ivanov* and Dmitry Yu Marchenko
Published On 28 Jun, 2019
Occupational eye traumatism of members of vessel`s crews of the Northern Water`s Basin
Shapovalov KA* and Shapovalova PK
Published On 20 Jun, 2019
Study of Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of Live MDCK-derived Pandemic Influenza Vaccine
Elena A Nechaeva*, Ryzhikov AB, Pyankova OG, Radaeva IF, Pyankov OV, Danilchenko NV, Agafonov AP, Kiseleva LV, Larionova NV and Rudenko LG
Published On 06 Jun, 2019
The climate is controlled by artificial evaporation
Khalidullin Oleg*
Published On 09 Apr, 2019
Parkon as a treatment of the Parkinson’s disease
Golubev VL, Sadekov PA, Pilipovich AA, Goldstein NI*
Published On 19 Mar, 2019
Mesenchymal stem cells from the domestic ungulates: trends and outliers
Anna A Tvorogova, Anastasia V Kovaleva and Aleena A Saidova*
Published On 21 Dec, 2018
Diabetes mellitus and heart diseases
Afa Bayramova*
Published On 16 Feb, 2018
Blood Cell Concentration Oscillations in Healthy and Tumors Affected Organisms
Berezin AA* and Shmid AV
Published On 05 Feb, 2018
Alcohol use, antiretroviral medication adherence and Sexual behaviors among young HIV-Infected Women engaged in HIV Medical Care in St. Petersburg, Russia
Olga S Levina*, Jennifer L Brown,Jessica M Sales, Eve S Rose, Polina Safonova, Nickolay A Belyakov, Vadim V Rassokhin and Ralph J DiClemente
Published On 20 Nov, 2017
Vasodilatory Effect of the Dissolved Glycine locally applied on Pial Microvessels
Tyukina ES*, Sheshegova EV, Nartsissov YR, Podoprigora GI
Published On 14 Oct, 2017
Serotonin Receptors Mediate Contractile Activity of Rat’s Esophagus in-vivo
Lychkova Alla Eduard*, Yuri Yu Golubev and Alexander M Puzikov
Published On 28 Aug, 2017
Anthropogenic Effects on Climate
Khalidullin Oleg*
Published On 24 May, 2017
Zero-Flow Pressure of the Cerebral Microcirculatory Bed at Concomitant Traumatic Brain Injury
Trofimov A, Dobrzeniecki M, Kalentyev G, Karelsky M, Abashkin A, et al.,
Published On 22 May, 2017
Psychotherapy of Anxiety: Value Oriented Approach
Ilya V Zakharov*
Published On 25 Apr, 2017
Perfusion Computed Tomography at Posttraumatic Cerebral Fat Embolism
Alex Trofi mov*, George Kalentyev, Michail Yuryev, Alevtina Ruzavina, Kristina Ksenofontova and Michael Karelsky
Published On 17 Mar, 2017
Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells in the Branching of Renal Arteries
AN Gansburgsky* and AV Yaltsev
Published On 07 Mar, 2017
Cytokine Production by Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells before and after G-CSF Mobilization
Alexander Lykov*, Olga Poveschenko, Natalia Bondarenko, Alexander Poveschenko, Irina Kim, Eugenie Pokushalov, Alexander Romanov and Vladimir Konenkov
Published On 29 Nov, 2016
ANCA-Associated Vasculitis in Patient with CREST-Syndrome - Case Report
Zakharova EV*, Makarova TA and Stolyarevich ES
Published On 12 Nov, 2016

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