Articles from Spain

Viral evolution and Immune responses
Pilar Domingo-Calap*
Published On 14 Nov, 2019
Autoimmune hepatitis associated Hepatitis C virus infection treated with fi rst generation direct-acting antivirals
Juan Diego Castro Limo, Tomas Artaza Varasa*, Maria Recuero Pradillo, Marta Romero-Gutierrez, Ana Zaida Gomez Moreno, Juan Jose Sanchez Ruano, Carlos San Roman Gutierrez, Pablo Munoz Gomez and Rafael Gomez Rodríguez
Published On 04 Oct, 2019
Critical intracranial hypertension of hidden etiology
Gamiz-Gamiz A*, Abril-Molina A, Gomez-Luque JM, Saura Rojas E, Pastor-Rull J and Ocete-Hita E
Published On 18 Sep, 2019
Consensus statement on the management of breakthrough cancer pain: Assessment, treatment and monitoring recommendations
María Dolores López Alarcón*, Francisco Villegas Estevez, Vicente Domingo Triado, Pilar Blasco Segura, Genoveva Hernández Comes, Alfonso Berrocal Jaime, Ana Blasco Cordellat, Jorge Pastor Peidro, José López Torrecilla, Carlos Ferrer Albiach, Almudena Ruiz Sastre and Manuel Hernández Peris
Published On 26 Aug, 2019
Psychology of doctor-patient relationship in general medicine
Jose Luis Turabian*
Published On 20 Aug, 2019
Neuroplasticity and neuronal communications in the healthy and in the disease brain
María Pilar González*, Adrián Macho-González, Alba Garcimartin, María Elvira López- Oliva, Juana Benedi and José Joaquín Merino
Published On 20 Aug, 2019
Direct action antivirals are effective in the total eradication of HCV in renal transplants
Teresa Olea*, Inmaculada Castillo, Carlos Jiménez, Javier Bartolomé, María José Santana, JA Quiroga, Vicente Carreño and Rafael Selgas
Published On 22 Jul, 2019
Epidemiological and clinical implications in Kidney Transplantation of occult Hepatitis C virus infection
Olea T1*, Castillo I2, Jiménez C1, Díez J3, Bartolomé J2, Santana MJ1, López- Oliva MO1, González E1, Selgas R1 and Carreño V2
Published On 10 Jul, 2019
Observational study to analyse the opioid titration process in the treatment of breakthrough pain of cancer patients in clinical practice
Lara Iglesias-Docampo, Paola Pimentel-Cáceres, Mª Paola García-Coves, José Luis Firvida-Pérez, Julio José Lambea-Sorrosal, Antonio Andrés Rueda-Ramos, Iker López-Calderero, Juan Antonio Núñez-Sobrino, Antonio Javier Jiménez-López, Ana Cabezón-Álvarez and Begoña Soler-López*
Published On 31 May, 2019
The test of reincarnation of the soul by DNA and IRIS scanner (Part Three)
Antonio Alcalá Malavé, MD, PhD*
Published On 15 Apr, 2019
The test of reincarnation of the soul by DNA and IRIS scanner (Part Two)
Antonio Alcalá Malavé, MD, PhD*
Published On 15 Apr, 2019
The test of reincarnation of the soul by DNA and IRIS scanner (Part One)
Antonio Alcalá Malavé, MD, PhD*
Published On 15 Apr, 2019
A Switch to the Duodenal Switch
Aniceto Baltasar*, Nieves Pérez, Rafael Bou, Marcelo Bengochea and Carlos Serra
Published On 25 Mar, 2019
Purpose of the measurement of intraoperative hepatic hemodynamics in liver transplant surgery
Pablo Lozano*, Lorena Martín, Maitane Orue-Echebarria, José Manuel Asencio, Hemant Sharma and Jose Ángel López Baena
Published On 22 Mar, 2019
The History of Cystic Fibrosis
Javier Pérez-Frías, Estela Pérez Ruiz, María del Carmen López Castillo* and Pilar Caro García
Published On 07 Mar, 2019
Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging with echo-planar and non-echo-planar (PROPELLER) techniques in the clinical evaluation of cholesteatoma
María Dolores Moreno-Ramos*, Miguel Olivencia Pérez, Juan Antonio Ibáñez Rodríguez, Mª José Gómez Galán and Francisco Javier Ramos Medrano
Published On 11 Feb, 2019
The Ventricular Function of the “Athlete´S Heart”. Part I: Systolic Function
Francisco Javier Calderón Montero*
Published On 15 Dec, 2018
Long-term survival after Acute Ischemic Stroke by types of reperfusion therapy, sex and chronic treatments of cardiovascular conditions
José Luis Clua-Espuny*, Sònia Abilleira, Queralt-Tomas M Lluïsa, González-Henares MA, Muria-Subirats E, Ballesta-Ors J and Gil-Guillen V Fco
Published On 29 Nov, 2018
Primary Intestinal Lymphangiectasia diagnosed by Single-Balloon Enteroscopy
C Romero Mascarell, IK Araujo, I Ordás, H Briceno, D Monfort, C Rodriguez-de Miguel, A Ginés, G Fernández-Esparrach, M Cuatrecasas, J Llach, and B González Suárez*
Published On 06 Nov, 2018
Pancreatic cysts: Not always Cystadenoma
Alba Manuel Vázquez*, Latorre Fragua R, de la Plaza R and Ramia JM
Published On 16 Feb, 2018
Tracheal foreign body-Importance of early diagnosis
Carlos Sánchez Salguero*
Published On 24 Nov, 2017
Renal-limited lupus-like glomerulonephritis
Noemi Esparza Martín*, Rita Guerra Rodríguez, Ernesto Fernández Tagarro, Santiago Suria González, César García Cantón
Published On 23 Sep, 2017
Peripheral arterial disease and cardiovascular risk. The importance of Doppler in multi-pathological population
M Martín Asenjo*, JM Martín Guerra, C Rodríguez Martín, L Iglesias Gómez, PJ Mújica Addimandi, D Bóveda Ruiz, C Jauset Alcalá, A Almaraz Gómez and E González Sarmiento
Published On 15 Sep, 2017
Serum Concentrations of Osteocalcin (OC) and Beta-Cross Laps (Beta-CTx) and Insulin Resistance in Morbid Obese Women with and without DM2
Arrieta F*, Iglesias P, Piñera M, Arrieta A4,Quiñones J, Balsa J and Vazquez C
Published On 12 Sep, 2017
Factors related to the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease after two years of follow-up of stage 3 Chronic kidney Disease Patients
Noemi Esparza Martín*, Santiago Suria González, Elvira Bosch Benítez- Parodi, Rita Guerra Rodríguez, Germán Pérez Suárez and César García Cantón
Published On 29 Aug, 2017
Obese chronic kidney disease diabetic’s patients: Malignant tumours
Esparza Martín N*, Suria González S, Bosch Benítez-Parodi E, Guerra Rodríguez R, Ramírez Puga A, Batista García F and García Cantón C
Published On 24 Aug, 2017
The Epidemiology and Prognosis of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis in a Third Level Hospital
José David Galián Ramírez*, Vladimir Rosa Salazar, Leticia Guirado Torrecillas, Sonia Otálora Valderrama, María Encarnación Hernández Contreras, María del Mar García Méndez and Bartolomé García Pérez
Published On 08 Aug, 2017
Social cognition and prefrontal cognitive function in patients with epilepsy treated with eslicarbazepine acetate
Laura Abraira*, Sanabria A, Ortega G, Quintana M, Santamarina E, Salas-Puig J and Toledo M
Published On 17 Jul, 2017
Prospective clinical trial on the effectiveness of Topical Anesthetic in second stage surgeries of Dental Implants
Jordi Ortega-Martínez*, Elvira Ferrés-Amat, Eduard Ferrés-Padró and Federico Hernández-Alfaro
Published On 29 Jun, 2017
Effects of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids on Renal Morphology in Rats
Virginia A Aparicio*, Daniel Camiletti-Moirón, Mohammed Tassi, Elena Nebot, Carlos de- Teresa and Pilar Aranda
Published On 26 Jun, 2017
Care burden derived from the introduction of an early Lung Cancer Screening Program in high risk HIVinfected patients
Simona Cioaia, Carlos Tornero*, Eugenio Sanchez and Maria Jose Alos
Published On 21 Jun, 2017
Lower Member Amputation in Patient with Total Hip or Knee Arthroplasty
J Passini Sánchez*, FJ Pérez Lara, R Marín Moya and H Oliva Muñoz
Published On 20 Jun, 2017
Physiology of Spinal Opioids and its relevance for Pain Management Selection
Borja Mugabure Bujedo*
Published On 15 Jun, 2017
Spontaneous Haemomediastinum and Fatal Haemoperitoneum in woman with Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Isabel Cal, Elena Fernández, Jose V Méndez and Jose R Jarabo*
Published On 29 May, 2017
Large Thrombotic Coronary Artery Aneurysm Treated With a Covered Stent Using OCT for Procedural Guidance
Georgina Fuertes Ferre*, Galache Osuna JG, Diarte de Miguel JA and Sánchez Rubio J
Published On 22 May, 2017
Anterior and Posterior Capsule- Periosteal sleeve avulsion as an unusual cause of Shoulder Instability
Eduvigis Aranda-Izquierdo, Olga Pérez-Moro, Marcos Fernández- Cuadros*, Ana Maria Valverde-Villar, Alejandro Ortíz-Espada and Rafael Llopis-Miró
Published On 15 May, 2017
What do we have to know about Cystic Lung Diseases?
Sánchez Díaz C and Díaz-Lobato S*
Published On 03 May, 2017
Alcoholism, Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 and Cardiovascular Risk
Emilio González-Reimers*, Geraldine Quintero-Platt, Candelaria Martín- González, Lucía Romero-Acevedo, Daniel Martínez-Martínez, Melchor Rodríguez-Gaspar and Francisco Santolaria-Fernández
Published On 04 Apr, 2017
Conjunctival Leaking Bleb after Cross- Linking using Riboflavin and UVA: A Histopathological Study
Loscos-Arenas Jordi*, Tapia Gustavo, Moll-Udina Aina, Romanic Nevena and Romera Pau
Published On 04 Apr, 2017
Relative and combined Effects of Ethanol and Hepatitis C Virus Infection on Serum Interleukin-17 Levels
Emilio González-Reimers*, Candelaria Martín-González, Geraldine Quintero-Platt, Lucía Romero-Acevedo, Onán Pérez- Hernández, Elisa Espelosín-Ortega, María José de-la- Vega-Prieto, Antonieta González-Díaz and Francisco Santolaria-Fernández
Published On 20 Mar, 2017
Substance Use among Adolescents in Spain: A Brief Report
Arroyo A* and Coronas C
Published On 14 Mar, 2017
Utility Inspiratory Capacity by Simple Spirometry as an indirect Measure of Air Trapping
Alberto Herrejon*, Julio Palop, Susana Herrera and Alejando Betancurt
Published On 13 Mar, 2017
Effect of the EGTA (Ethylene Glycol Tetraacetic Acid) Supplementation in the Freezing Extender on Quality of Cryopreserved Bull Sperm
Posado R, García JJ, Gómez-Fernández J, Tomás C, Gómez-Izquierdo E and de Mercado E*
Published On 20 Feb, 2017
Smoking Habit and Clinico-Biological Parameters of Breast Cancer
A Ruibal, P Aguiar, P Menéndez, J I Arias, A Gonzalez-Sistal and M Herranz*
Published On 28 Jan, 2017
Climate Change Impacts in Soil- Water Balance in Semi-Arid Region, Southeast of Spain: The use of Eco- Hydrological Model
Issam Touhami*, Esteban Chirino, José Miguel Andreu, Hassane Moutahir, Juan Rafael Sánchez and Juan Bellot
Published On 27 Jan, 2017
The Potential of Liver Fibrosis Indexes/Scores for the Screening of Cryptic Liver Fibrosis in Patients with NASH Risk Factors: A Case Report
Eguiluz M, Andrés-Otero MJ, De-Blas I, Puente-Lanzarote JJ, Lorente-Pérez S, Soria M and Lou- Bonafonte JM*
Published On 27 Jan, 2017
Impact of the “Omics Sciences” in Medicine: New Era for Integrative Medicine
Noelia Clemente Plaza, Manuel Reig García-Galbis and Rosa María Martínez-Espinosa*
Published On 25 Jan, 2017
Intrapancreatic Lesion of Biliary Duct Following a Blunt Trauma: A Rare Entity Difficult to Identify with Conservative Management
M Jiménez-Fuertes*, J Ruiz-Tovar, M. Durán-Poveda and D García-Olmo
Published On 11 Jan, 2017
Isolated Distal Pancreatic Transection Secondary to an Abdominal Blunt Trauma - A Case Report
AA Medina Velasco, JM Ramia*, V Arteaga Peralta, J Valenzuela and AJ Lopez Marcano
Published On 28 Jun, 2016
Unexpected Anaphylaxis Reaction to Intravenous Methylprednisolone
Carlos Alberto Sanchez Salguero* and Alvaro Isidro Sanchez Chacon
Published On 18 May, 2016
Growth and Transcription Factors in Tooth Development
Laura de Sousa-Romero*, Ana María Moreno-Fernández
Published On 29 Apr, 2016
Usefullness of Phytoestrogens in Treatment of Arterial Hypertension. Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: Un Update
Garcia Garcia MA*, Rosero Arenas MA, Martinez Cornejo A and Perez Lluna L
Published On 12 Apr, 2016
Kawasaki Disease Immunoglobulin Resistance. Diagnosis and Therapeutical Management
Carlos Alberto Sanchez Salguero* and Alvaro Isidro Sanchez Chacon
Published On 31 Mar, 2016
Co 2 Laser Treatment for Vaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia, Assesment of Recurrence
Ángel García-Iglesias*, Ángel García- Sánchez, Ima Moslemi, María de la O Rodriguez Martín, David Beltrán- Vaquero, María Paz Alonso-Reyero and Tomás Rodriguez-Bravo
Published On 18 Mar, 2016
Asthma, Anxiety and Depression are they walking together? Cross- Sectional Descriptive Study
Xavier Flor-Escriche*, Roser Poblet- Cortés, Laia Lamarca-Fornell, Judit Mendez-Gomez, Sílvia Álvarez- Álvarez, Sara-Anna Davies-Daunas and MVictoria Feijoo-Rodriguez
Published On 18 Mar, 2016
Ambulatory Monitoring of Blood Pressure in Occupational Hypertension
Saturnino Suárez Ortega*, Noel Lorenzo Villalba and Saray Hernández Valiente
Published On 16 Feb, 2016
Infant Odontogenic Myxoma: Case Report and Literature Review of a Specific Entity Recently Described
Elena Ruíz Bravo-Burguillos*, Jose Juan Pozo Kreilinger, Jesús Manuel Muñoz Caro and Antonio Ríos Parra
Published On 21 Jan, 2016
Connecting Clinical Practices with Microbiological and Biochemical Technologies
Rosa María Martínez-Espinosa*
Published On 09 Jan, 2016
EGFR Inhibitors for Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Therapy of NSCLC
Fabio Villa*
Published On 17 Dec, 2015
Anxiety and Depression in Hypertensive Women: Influence on Symptoms and Alexithymia
Beatriz Rueda* and Alemán JF
Published On 26 Nov, 2015
Popliteal Artery Pseudoaneurysm after Prolonged Stress Position
Karla E Moncayo* and Jose M Dominguez
Published On 25 Nov, 2015
Oral Desensitization in Nursling with Cow’s Milk Allergy
Carlos Alberto Sánchez Salguero*
Published On 23 Nov, 2015
Transvaginal Extraction of Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy Specimen
Gonzalo Martin*, Mohammed Iyoob Mohammed Ilyas, José F Noguera and Valentine Nfonsam
Published On 24 Aug, 2015
Severe Vascular Complications Due to Liver Hydatid Cyst Relapse: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Ramia JM*, De La Plaza R, Kuhnhardt AW, Gonzalez JD, Valenzuela JC, Garcia-Amador C and Lopez-Marcano AJ
Published On 06 Apr, 2015
An Overview of Thyroid Cancer Genetics and Inheritance
Diana Navas-Carrillo and Esteban Orenes-Pinero*
Published On 30 Mar, 2015
Lesional Incidence in a Women's Professional Basketball Team during a Complete Season
Olga Blanco and Javier Fernandez-Rio*
Published On 19 Mar, 2015
Mutifidus in Spinal Stability: Analysis of Inhibition with Muscle Activation Techniques
Blasco E*, Bernabe R and Berbel L
Published On 04 Mar, 2015
Bilateral Retrobulbar HIV Optic Neuritis
Asensio-Sanchez VM* and Labrador-Velandia S
Published On 23 Feb, 2015
Multiple Hepatic Cirrhosis Complications: Left Hepatic Hydrothorax, Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage and Acute Portal Vein Thrombosis: A Case Report
Jorge Vidal Hernández Rodríguez*, Adrián Rodríguez García and Olga Campesino Ramos
Published On 18 Dec, 2014
Exercise Echocardiography in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Jesus Peteiro* and Alberto Bouzas-Mosquera
Published On 17 Oct, 2014
Echocardiographic Biatrial Remodelling and Diastolic Function Assessment in Long-Term Follow-Up after Typical Atrial Flutter Ablation
Pilar Cabanas-Grandío*, Javier García-Seara, Francisco Gude, José Luis Martínez-Sande, Xesús Alberte Fernández-López, Felipe Bisbal, Emad Abu-Assi and José Ramón González-Juanatey
Published On 04 Aug, 2014

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