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Anterior Knee Pain reduction by patellar thickness reduction in Total Knee Replacement
Choochat Kantayaporn* and Teerachai Puempanich
Published On 07 Aug, 2019
The prediction of the progress of labor using the Friedman Curve in Primiparous Thai women
Sasitorn Phumdoung*, Sununta Youngwanichsetha and Nongnut Boonyoung
Published On 20 Oct, 2018
Toxoplasma Serostatus in Thai Free- Range Chickens: Prevalence and Two Diagnostic Methods
Ruenruetai Udonsom#, Patcharee Chaichan#, Aongart Mahittikorn, Philippe Vignoles, Aurélien Mercier, Abdelkrim Aroussi, Marie-Laure Dardé, Yaowalark Sukthana*
Published On 04 Jul, 2017
New emerging Genetic Disease: A Case Study in Southeast Asia and a new interesting reason
Beuy Joob* and Viroj Wiwanitkit
Published On 22 May, 2017
Carditis in Zika Virus Infection
Somsri Wiwanitkit* and Viroj Wiwanitkit
Published On 30 Mar, 2017
CIPP Model Evaluation of a Collaborative Diabetic Management in Community Setting
Thanakamon Leesri*, Wichit Srisuphan, Wilawan Senaratana, Taweeluk Vannarit, and Kittipan Rerkasem
Published On 22 Dec, 2016
Prospects for the Development of a Dengue Vaccine
Usa Thisyakorn* and Chule Thisyakorn
Published On 10 Aug, 2016

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