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Ennio Duranti

UOC Nephrology and Dialysis
University of Siena
Journal Associated: Archives of Renal Diseases and Management Biography:

Ennio Duranti, Director of the department of nephrology at the hospital of Arezzo (Italy) from 2012. He has carried out studies in the field of kidney stones, hemodiafiltration and peritoneal dialysis. Currently he teaches technical training in the field of simulation in medicine, he teaches nephrology at the University of Siena for over 20 years. He has produced 150 publications including 60 peer reviwed, he participated as a speaker at over 100 national and international conferences

Born March 21, 1951. Medicine degree in 1976, University of Bologna. Specialization in Nephrology in 1980, University of Florence. Director of Nephrology Department at the Hospital of Arezzo (Italy) from 2012, Nephrology Professor at the University of Siena for over 20 years, Studies on pathophysiology and therapy of kidney stones, Hemodiafiltration, Peritoneal Dialysis and Daily Home Hemodialysis. 150 publications including 60 peer reviewed. Speaker at over 100 national and international conferences and congresses, currently he teaches technical training on simulation in Medicine.

Research Interest:  Hemodialysis , Peritoneal Dialysis , Urolithiasis

Professional website link:

Number of Publications: 150

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