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Dhruv Kumar

Pharmacology, Toxicologyand Theraputics
The University of Kansas Medical Center,
Journal Associated: Global Journal of Cancer Therapy Biography:

Research Interest: Biological Skills. Plasmid Amplification And Purification, Transformation, Transfection, Transduction,Protein Isolation, Western Blot, Cell Viability And Apoptosis Assay, FluorescenceMicroscopy, Flow Cytometry, Real-Time PCR, Tissue Processing, Tissue Culture,Immunohistochemistry, XF Flux Analyzer And Mice Handling.Biophysical Skills. A Complete Understanding Of Atomic Force Microscopy To Study IntrinsicallyUnstructured Proteins Related To Neurodegenerative Disease (Parkinson’s AndAlzheimer’s Disease).Bioinformatics Skills. Software: Python, Autodock, NCBI Software Suits, Rasmol, Clustal-X And W, VMD,Phylip, Tree View,Pymol, Arguslab And Genscan Etc. Biological Databases: Genbank, EMBL, DDBJ, Pfam, PDB, Swiss Prot, Trembl Etc. Muser Friendly With Proteomics Server Expasy.Information Technology Skills

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