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Hassan IH El-Sayyad

Department of Zoology
Mansoura University
Journal Associated: Global Journal of Zoology Biography:

Research Interest: Studying the Metabolic Diseases and Genetic Factors Contributing in the Induction of Congenital Anomalies. The Affected Body Organs are Investigated Through istogenesis, Cytological, Immunological and Molecular Analysis to Define the Growth Defects. The Genetic Diseases are Studied via Experimental Models Such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Phenylketonuria, Hypercholesterolemia, Diabetes, Experimental Hypertension and Epilepsy. Impairment Development of the Brain Regions, Multiple Sclerosis, and Retinopathy are of Important Topics. Evaluating the Role of Nutrients in Improvement the Dramatic Alterations of the Metabolic Diseases are Taken in Consideration

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