Isabel Cristina Cespedes

Department of Morphology
Federal University of Sao Paulo
Journal Associated: Journal of Addiction Medicine and Therapeutic Science Biography:

Dr. Isabel C. Céspedes is associate professor at the Federal University of São Paulo-UNIFESP (São Paulo, Brazil) where she acts in teaching in morphofunctional area and as a researcher in the search line of neurophysiology of the stress and the addiction. She received her MD and PhD degrees at University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil) in morphofunctional sciences with focus in neuroscience. She conducts research focused on aspects involved in the development of dependence on alcohol and other drugs in humans and animals. She is professor of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Health Sciences. She has studied in humans the correlation between genetic and psychosocial factors in the development of addiction, and in animal the neurological profiles associated with vulnerability to addiction. Also, she has studied the effects of alcohol on the neurodegeneration in decision-making neural areas as well as the positive effects of physical exercises on this degeneration.

Research Interest: My research interest is associated with neurochemical factors and their correlation with environmental stimuli in the stress response, and how these factors are associated with vulnerability to drug abuse.

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