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Peertechz Publisher ID: 10.17352

Lin Wang

Computational Biomedical Center Beijing University
Journal Associated: Open Journal of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Biography:

Research Interest:Computational Biology, Systems Biology, Molecular And Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, Cancer, Neurobiology, Publications Mainly Focus On Significant Single Molecular Feedback, Upstream And Downstream, Activated And Inhibited Computational Network Construction And Analysis Between Normal And Disease Tissues. Functions Are Involved In Activating, Inhibiting, Ties, Linking Or Feedback, Etc. Contaning Not Restricting To Cell Cycle, Cancer Development, Immune Response, Nerve Transmission, Invasion, Cell Adhesion, Differentiation, Apoptosis, Cell Death, Cell Maturation, Survival, Cell Growth, Migration, Aging, Cell Motility, Angiogenesis, Vasculogenesis, Proliferation, DNA Replication, Mitosis, Or Their Regualtions, Etc. Intergative Mechanisms Are Put Forward Based On Different-Localization, Inside-Out,Outside-In Or Feedback.

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