Rafik Karaman

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Al-Quds University
Journal Associated: Open Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics Biography:

Research Interest: Design, synthesis, characterization and in vitro and in vivo kinetics of pro-prodrug systems to be used for the delivery for certain drugs that have poor water solubility or/and have low bioavailability using ab initio, DFT, semiempirical, molecular mechanics as well as molecular dynamics and conformational dynamics methods. Design and synthesis of linkers to be used for masking bitter taste of drugs that contain a hydroxyl or amine groups (antimalarial, anti-hypertension, anti-bleeding, antibacterial and anticancer drugs, using DFT calculation methods. Design and synthesis of bitter taste antagonists for inactivation of the bitter taste receptor 14. Pharmaceuticals removal from wastewater using clay micelle complex, hollow fiber, spiral wounds, charcoal and other adsorbents.Pharmaceuticals removal from wastewater using photodegradation methods such as light/TiO2. Stability of Pharmaceuticals in wastewater and isolation and characterization of degradation products (metabolites).

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