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    Prof. Pierre Guertin

    Prof. Pierre Guertin
    Laval University, Canada
    Tel: +1 418-525-4444, pos
    Fax: +1 418-654-2753

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    Editorial Board

    Ramune Jacobsen
    Institute of Preventive Medicine Frederiksberg Hospital

    Research Interest: Outcomes of interventions in public health (health promotion, health services and disease, prevention).

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    Shu-Feng Zhou
    Global Medical Development
    University of South Florida

    Research Interest: Systems Pharmacology, Drug Metabolism & Drug Transport, Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacometrics, Pharmacogenomics, Nanomedicine and Chinese Medicine.

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    Chunlin Zhuang
    School of Pharmacy
    Second Military Medical University

    Research Interest: Discovery and development of novel protein-protein interaction inhibitors of the Tumorigenic process,Spectrum of drug discovery efforts combining computer-aided drug design, lead Generation, SAR design, Organic Synthesis, Biochemical Assays, Cell Culture Assays and Pharmacology.

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    Daniela Benedec
    Department of Pharmacognosy
    Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy

    Research Interest: Natural Product Chemistry,Nanotechnology, Essential Oils, Nanobiotechnology, Antioxidants,Veterinary Medicine, Dermatology, Pharmacy, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Thin Films and Nanotechnology, Medicinal Plants and Herbs, Plant Biotechnology, Antioxidant Activit, Polyphenols, Phenolic Compoun, DPP, Botan, Microbiology, Environmental Chemistry, Antioxidant Assays, Flavonoids, Biotechnology, Bioactivi, Phytochemicals,LC-MS, Medicinal Plants, Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Natural Products, Ethnomedicine, Natural Product Isolatio.

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    Anastasios (Tassos) Lymperopoulos
    Assistant Professor
    Nova Southeastern University

    Research Interest: Molecular pharmacology, physiology and biology of G protein-coupled (heptahelical or seven transmembrane-spanning) receptors; Heart Failure; Cardiovascular Disease; Neurohormonal control of the Circulation; Adrenal Physiology and Pharmacology; Receptors for Adrenaline and Noradrenaline; Catecholamines; Receptors for Angiotensin II; Signal Transduction; Gene Therapy; Transgenic mice and rats; Aldosterone production regulation; Regulation of Adrenergic and Angiotensin Receptors; G protein-coupled receptor Kinases; Beta-Arrestins; Novel “Biased” G protein-coupled Receptor Ligands.

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    Francesco Maione
    Department of Pharmacy
    University of Naples Federico II

    Research Interest: Inflammation, Immunopharmacology, Pharmacology of Natural Products/Compounds.

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    Hanganu Daniela
    Associate Professor
    Department of Pharmacognosy
    University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca

    Research Interest: Medicinal Plants, Obtaining, Characterization and standardization of extracts, Testing their pharmacological Action, Testing antioxidant activity in vitro and in vivo, Analysis and  isolation of biologically active compounds (polyphenols, carotenoides, essential oils, terpenes, alkaloids), spectrometric and chromatographical analysis (HPLC, GC).

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    Cui Yang
    Ethnic Drug Screening and Pharmacology Center
    Yunnan Minzu University

    Research Interest: Cardiovascular pharmacology, New Therapeutic targets for atherosclerosis, hypertension and vasculogenesis, Screening of TCM and ethnic drugs.

    More Info.
    Waseem Kaialy
    Science and Engineering
    University of Wolverhampton

    Research Interest: Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drugdelivery, Inhalation, Dosage forms, Particle engineering.

    More Info.
    Dr. Hitesh Chavda
    Research Scientist
    Formulation and Development, Gowrie Research Pvt Ltd
    HNGU, Patan

    Dr. Chavda is dedicated and highly motivated research scientist with more than 13 years of rich Industry-Academic experience. His area of interest is development of formulations including Oral solids, Liquids, Semi-solids, Parenterals and NDDS. He has developed stable and robust formulations across various dosage forms. He has sound understanding of formulation and development using QbD and DOE approaches. He has understanding of product development lifecycle, clinical and regulatory requirements of regulatory bodies like UKMHRA, USFDA etc. There are more than 35 International and National research publications to his credit. In addition to that he has several magazines related articles and Books publications. He is providing editorial service for international journals. He is serving as reviewer at Elsevier, Bentham Sciences, Informa Healthcare, and Wiley Journals.

    List of publications:

    1. Chavda HV*, Neerumalla S, Patel A, Poptani S. Excipients: The Real Players behind Robust

    Formulation. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. January 2019; 53(1):


    2. Chavda HV*. Artificial Neural Networks in Pharma Product Development. Chronicle

    Pharmabiz. May 2018; 18(23): 42-43.

    3. Chavda HV*. 3D printing: Upcoming revolution for pharmaceutical industry. Chronicle

    Pharmabiz. April 2018; 18(21): 10.

    4. Chavda HV*. Qbd in Developing Topical Dosage Forms. Elyns Journal of Pharmaceutical

    Research December 2016; 2(1): 90000106. [Short Communication]

    5. Chavda HV*. Nanopharmaceuticals: The Pharmaceuticals of Present Era. Elyns Journal of

    Pharmaceutical Research 2016; 1(2): 106e. [Editorial Article]

    6. Chavda HV*, Naik S, Mukhopadhyay P. QbD Concept Implementation for Excipients.

    Ingredients South Asia Magazine. Saffron Media Publication, November, 2016; 11: 119-120.

    7. Chavda HV*. Reforms in Pharmaceutical Education in India. Ingredients South Asia

    Magazine. Saffron Media Publication, April 16-30, 2016; 9(14): 48-51.

    8. Chavda HV*. African Market: Big Window of Opportunity. Ingredients South Asia Magazine.

    Saffron Media Publication, January 16-31, 2016; 9(8): 30-32.

    9. Chavda HV*. SPHs as an Unusual Upcoming Excipient. Ingredients South Asia Magazine.

    Saffron Media Publication, December 1-15, 2015; 9(5): 104-111.

    10. Chavda HV*, Patel RI, Patel CN. Preparation and Characterization of Ternary Solid Dispersion

    of Flunarizine Dihydrochloride. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (ISSN: 2277-7105)

    2015; 4(5): 2506-2521.

    11. Chavda HV*, Chavada G, Patel J, Rangpadiya K, Patel CN. Topical Vaginal Drug Delivery

    System Based on Superporous Hydrogel Hybrids. Protein & Peptide Letters (ISSN: 0929-8665,

    Impact Factor 1.735) 2014; 21(11): 1176-1184.

    12. Chavda HV*, Patel RD, Modhia IP, Patel CN. Role of Superporous Hydrogel Particles as a

    Superdisintegrant in Fast Disintegrating Tablet of Glipizide. Chronicles of Young Scientists

    (ISSN: 2229-5186) 2014; 5(1):11-19.

    13. Chavda HV*, Patel J, Chavada G, Dave S, Patel A, Patel CN. Self Nanoemulsifying Powder of

    Isotretinoin: Preparation and Characterization. Journal of Powder Technology. (ISSN: 2090-

    7737) 2013; 2013 Article ID 108569, 9 pages. [Cited on 15/11/2013].

    14. Chavda HV*, Modhia IP, Mehta A, Patel RD, Patel CN. Development of Bioadhesive Chitosan

    Superporous Hydrogel Composite Particles based Intestinal Drug Delivery System. BioMed

    Research International (ISSN: 2314-6133, Impact Factor 2.880) 2013; 2013 Article ID 563651,

    10 pages. [Cited on 06/08/2013]

    Page 7 of 12 Dr. Hitesh Chavda

    15. Chavda HV*, Patel SK, Patel CN. Insignificant Effect of Superporous Hydrogel Particles as a

    Superdisintegrants in Fast Dispersible Tablets of Aceclofenac. Online article PharmaTutor

    (ISSN: 2347 - 7881) 2013 (Published on Web 31/01/2013). Available from: insignificant-effect-of-superporous-hydrogelparticles-

    as-superdisintegrants-in-fast-dispersible-tablets-of-aceclofenac?page=0,0 [Cited on


    16. Chavda HV*, Patel RD, Modhia IP, Patel CN. Preparation and Characterization of

    Superporous Hydrogel Based on Different Polymers. Int J Pharm Investig (ISSN: 2230-973X)

    2012; 2(3):134-139.

    17. Chavda HV*, Patel MS, Patel CN. Preparation and In Vitro Evaluation of Guar Gum Based

    Triple-Layer Matrix Tablet of Diclofenac Sodium. Res Pharm Sci (ISSN: 1735-5362, Impact

    Factor 0.220) 2012; 7(1): 57-64.

    18. Chavda HV*, Patel CN. Pharmaceutical Formulations for Oral Transmucosal Drug Delivery.

    News Tech 2011; 29:10-11.

    19. Chavda HV*, Patel CN, Modh KM, Panigrahi B. Preparation, Characterization and In Vitro

    Evaluation of Carbopol-based Superporous Hydrogel Composite. Indian J Pharm Sci (ISSN:

    0250-474X, Impact Factor: 0.626) 2011; [Accepted on 12/05/2011].

    20. Chavda HV*, Chaudhari TM, Patel CN. Antacids Incorporation in Immediate Release Tablets

    Failed to Improve the Stability of Omeprazole in Acidic Media. J Pharm Negative Results

    (ISSN: 0976-9234) 2011; 2(2):73-77.

    21. Chavda HV*, Patel CN. Preparation and in vitro evaluation of a stomach specific drug delivery

    system based on superporous hydrogel composite. Indian J Pharm Sci (ISSN: 0250-474X,

    Impact Factor: 0.626) 2011; 73(1):30-37.

    22. Chavda HV*, Patel CN. Effect of Crosslinker Concentration on Characteristics of Superporous

    Hydrogel. Int J Pharm Investig (ISSN: 2230-973X) 2011; 1(1):17-21.

    23. Chavda HV*, Patel CN. A Newer Formulation Approach: Superporous Hydrogel Composite-

    Based Bioadhesive Drug-Delivery System. Asian J Pharm Sci (ISSN: 1818-0876, Impact Factor

    0.250) 2010; 5(6): 239-250.

    24. Chavda HV*, Patel CN. Chitosan Superporous Hydrogel Composite-Based Floating Drug-

    Delivery System: A Newer Formulation Approach. J Pharm Bioall Sci (ISSN: 0976-4879,

    Impact Factor 0.175) 2010; 2(2): 124-131.

    25. Chavda HV*, Patel CN, Prajapati ST, Patel CV. A Newer Formulation Approach Based on

    Superporous Hydrogel Particles for Gastroretentive Drug-Delivery System: Preparation and

    In Vitro Evaluation. Inventi Impact: NDDS (ISSN: 2229-4147) 2010; 2: Article ID: 2010nd70a

    (Published on Web 15/07/2010;

    26. Chavda HV*, Patel CN, Prajapati ST, Patel CV. A Newer Formulation Approach Based on

    Superporous Hydrogel Particles for Gastroretentive Drug-Delivery System: Preparation and

    In Vitro Evaluation. Inventi Rapid: NDDS (e-ISSN: 0976-3791) 2010; 1(1): Article ID:

    2010nd70a (Published on Web 13/04/2010;

    27. Chavda HV*, Patel CN, Anand IS. Biopharmaceutics Classification System. Syst Rev Pharm

    (ISSN: 0975-8453) 2010; 1(1): 62-69.

    28. Chavda HV*, Patel CN. Preparation and Characterization of Swellable Polymer-based

    Superporous Hydrogel Composite of Poly (Acrylamide-co-Acrylic Acid). Trends Biomater Artif

    Organs (ISSN: 0971-1198, Impact Factor: 0.675) 2010; 24(2): 83-89.

    29. Chavda HV*, Patel CN. Effects of Solvent Treatments on Characteristics of Superporous

    Hydrogels. Ethiopian Pharm J (ISSN: 1029-5933) 2009; 27(1): 16-24.

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    Superporous Hydrogel Composite. J Young Pharm (ISSN: 0975-1483) 2009; 1(3): 199-204.

    31. Chavda HV*, Patel CN. Aquaporins: Secret Highways for Water Transport. Pharm Reviews

    (ISSN: 1918-5561) 6(2), Apr 11, 2008.

    Page 8 of 12 Dr. Hitesh Chavda

    32. Chavda HV*, Patel CN, Patel AM, Patel BN. Supercritical Fluid: Green Solvent for Tomorrow.

    Pharm Reviews (ISSN: 1918-5561)5(3), May 16, 2007.

    33. Chavda HV*. Dendrimers: Polymers of 21st Century. Pharm Reviews (ISSN: 1918-5561) 5(1),

    Feb. 02, 2007.


    34. Modi J*, Patel JK, Chavda HV. Superporous Hydrogel: A Supreme Approach for Gastric

    Retention. Online article PharmaTutor (ISSN: 2347 - 7881) 2012 (Published on Web

    03/08/2012). Available from:

    supreme-approach-for-gastric-retention [Cited on 31/01/2013].

    35. Karen HD*, Anand IS, Patel CN, Chavda HV, Patel JK. Formulation and Evaluation of

    Amphotericin-B as A Lyophilized Product. J Global Pharma Tech (ISSN: 0975-8542) 2010;

    2(2): 75-78.

    36. Parikh BN*, Gothi GD, Patel TD, Chavda HV, Patel CN. Microsponge as Novel Topical Drug

    Delivery System. J Global Pharma Tech (ISSN: 0975-8542) 2010; 2(1): 17-29.

    More Info.
    Xiaodong Zheng
    Department of Pathophysiology
    Harbin Medical University

    Research Interest: Ophthalmology, Cataract Surger,Cornea, Refractive Eye Surgery, Keratoconus.

    More Info.
    Rafik Bachoual
    Microbiology and Immunology
    University of Gabes

    Research Interest: Microbiology and Immunology, Antibiotic mechanism of Action and resistance, Inflammation and Natural Antiinflamatory Products.

    More Info.
    Ruofeng Shang
    Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Research Interest: Medicinal Chemistry, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

    More Info.
    Tanveer A Wani
    Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    King Saud University
    Saudi Arabia

    Research Interest: Method development and validation of biosensors for estimation of Cancer Markers.

    More Info.
    Mahmud Kajbaf
    Senior Research Scientist
    Drug Metabolism, Division of Aptuit

    Research Interest: Drug Metaboilism, Mass spectrometry, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Medicine, Pharmacy.

    More Info.
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    In vitro conservation of mangrove for pharmaceutical interest

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000021

    Published On: July 24, 2019 | Pages: 009 - 012

    Author(s): Chinnappan Ravinder Singh*
    Abstract View Full Article View

    Preparation of itraconazole nanoparticles and its topical nanogel: Physicochemical properties and stability studies

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000020

    Published On: January 03, 2019 | Pages: 001 - 008

    Author(s): Kamlesh Amrut Wadile, Pradum Pundlikrao Ige* and Raju Onkar Sonawane
    Abstract View Full Article View

    Long-term survival after Acute Ischemic Stroke by types of reperfusion therapy, sex and chronic treatments of cardiovascular conditions

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000019

    Published On: November 29, 2018 | Pages: 024 - 030

    Author(s): José Luis Clua-Espuny*, Sònia Abilleira, Queralt-Tomas M Lluïsa, González-Henares MA, Muria-Subirats E, Ballesta-Ors J and Gil-Guillen V Fco
    Abstract View Full Article View

    Single blind placebo-controlled study on hypolipidemic potential of drugs

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000018

    Published On: October 18, 2018 | Pages: 020 - 023

    Author(s): Akbar Khan Niazi, A Shafique, Nusratullah Khan, E Fatima, Abdul Ghaffar, S Murad*, Azmat Ali, Moosa Khan and Hafiz Moeen ud Din
    Abstract View Full Article View

    Spray dried self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems for sertraline HCl: Pharmacokinetic study in healthy volunteers

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000017

    Published On: June 27, 2018 | Pages: 009 - 019

    Author(s): Hussein O. Ammar, Mahmoud M. Ghorab, Dina M. Mostafa, and Amira M. Ghoneim*
    Abstract View Full Article View

    African Medicinal Plants that Can Control or Cure Tuberculosis

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000016

    Published On: June 15, 2018 | Pages: 001 - 008

    Author(s): Philip Ifesinachi Anochie*, Bakoh Ndingkokhar, Juan Bueno, Felix Emeka Anyiam, Linus Ndidi Ossai- Chidi, Edwina Chinwe Onyeneke and Anthony Chidiebere Onyeozirila
    Abstract View Full Article View

    In-silico analysis of tenidap and its derivative as a novel 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000015

    Published On: November 24, 2017 | Pages: 036 - 038

    Author(s): Asma Noor*, Ardas Masood, Jawaria Khan, Tanveer Abbas and Muhammad Imran Qadir
    Abstract View Full Article View

    Generation of Porous Structure from Basil Seed Mucilage via Supercritical Fluid Assisted Process for Biomedical Applications

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000014

    Published On: June 15, 2017 | Pages: 030 - 035

    Author(s): Iman Akbari and Seyyed Mohammad Ghoreishi*
    Abstract View Full Article View

    JAK inhibitors: a promising direction for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000013

    Published On: June 09, 2017 | Pages: 029 - 029

    Author(s): Pelechas Eleftherios*
    Abstract View Full Article View

    Moringa Oleifera: Panaromic View on Nutritional, Therapeutic Activity and Patent Landscape

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijpsdr.000012

    Published On: February 09, 2017 | Pages: 024 - 028

    Author(s): Powar Priyatama V*
    Abstract View Full Article View


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