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Our vision is to provide a global platform for open journals to promote qualitative research publications for
Science, Engineering, Technology and Medicine, with an un-restricted access.

We provide DOI to all published papers. It'll facilitate for higher citation and classification.
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1. Research Analysts!!

A career in Research Analyst at Peertechz has immense prospective and growth dimensions. We use in-depth journal understanding and expertise in science and technology to create innovative, effective and sustainable publishing efforts. Thanks to Peertechz’s broad journal portfolio, a career in Research Analyst can see you working across multiple categories and subjects. You could also find yourself working with top-notch researchers and scholars. We aim to employ more than 1,000 professionals and offer unrivalled career diversity and progression.


2. Data Entry Operator (DEO)

A Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Sending mails for the data provided
  • Collection of data, maintaining & updating excel sheets according to provided data.
  • Data collection by using search engines as per requirement
  • Maintain detailed and accurate records in order to retrieve data at ease.
  • To keep the records of different tasks, work process and manage the related reports.


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