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New emerging Genetic Disease: A Case Study in Southeast Asia and a new interesting reason

Published On: May 22, 2017 | Pages: 013 - 013

Author(s): Beuy Joob* and Viroj Wiwanitkit
Dear Editor, genetic disorder is usually a big problem in medicine since it is diffi cult to manage. There are many genetic diseases around the world. ...
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Influence of Concentration on Surface Tension & Viscosity of Tamarind (Tamarindus Indica) Seed Gum

Published On: April 04, 2017 | Pages: 008 - 012

Author(s): Sunita Thakur*, Pramod Kumar Sharma and Rishabha Malviya
The infl uence of concentration (0.125-1%w/v) on viscosity and surface tension of tamarind gum has been studied. This research establishes a direct relationship between concentration and viscosity. ...
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Micronutrient-Induced Activation of Nrf2 and -Elevation of Intracellular Antioxidants for Reducing Oxidative Stress and Chronic Infl ammation in Diabetes

Published On: March 18, 2017 | Pages: 001 - 007

Author(s): Kedar N Prasad*
Despite extensive research and dietary and lifestyle recommendations, the incidence of diabetes continues to increase. Diabetic medications have been useful in controlling blood levels of glucose; however, in general, the disease continues to progress rather slowly, and eventually leads to diabeticrelated complications. Analysis of published studies suggests that i ...
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