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Publisher Information

Executive Editors

Paolo Lentini
Hospital San Bassiano - ULSS 7 foothills

Research Interest:

Critical Care, Critical care nephrology, hemodialysis-peritoneal dialysis, vascular access, ultrasound

List of publications:

1) Diagnostica dell’insufficienza renale acuta e biomarkers di danno renale Paolo Lentini, Massimo de Cal, Luca Zanoli, Antonio Granata, Roberto Dell’Aquila Giornale di Tecniche Nefrologiche e Dialitiche 2016; 28(2) :97-101 doi 10.5301 ISSN 0394-9362

2) Sodium Glucose Co-transporter Type 2 (SGLT2) Inhibitors in CKD]. Insalaco M, Zanoli L, Rastelli S, Lentini P, Rapisarda F, Fatuzzo P, Castellino P, Granata A. G Ital Nefrol. 2015 Jul-Aug;32(4). pii: gin/32.4.2. Italian. PMID:26252258

3) Sodium-Glucose Linked Transporter-2 Inhibitors in Chronic Kidney Disease L. Zanoli, A. Granata,  P. Lentini, S. Rastelli, P. Fatuzzo, F. Rapisarda and P. Castellino The Scientific World Journal  February 2015 Article ID 317507, 6 pages

4)  Increased arterial stiffness in inflammatory bowel diseases is dependent upon inflammation and reduced by immunomodulatory drugs. Zanoli L, Rastelli S, Inserra G, Lentini P, Valvo E, Calcagno E, Boutouyrie P, Laurent S, Castellino P. Atherosclerosis. 2014 Jun;234(2):346-51.

5)  Renal transplantation parenchymal complications: what Doppler ultrasound can and cannot do
Antonio Granata, Pierpaolo Di Nicolò, Viviana R. Scarfia, Monica Insalaco, Paolo Lentini, Massimiliano Veroux, Pasquale Fatuzzo, Fulvio Fiorini. Journal of Ultrasound July 2014

6)  Oral hypoglycemic drugs in chronic kidney disease: which limitations in the clinical setting.
Granata A, Insalaco M, Di Nicolò P, Scarfia VR, Russo L, D'anna G, Lentini P, Fiorini F, Fatuzzo P.
G Ital Nefrol. 2014 Jan-Feb;31(1).

7)The role of bioelectrical impedance in peritoneal dialysis. Lentini P, De Cal M, Zanoli L, Granata A, Basso A, Contestabile A, Berlingò G, Pellanda V, Dell'aquila R. G Ital Nefrol. 2013 Nov-Dec;30(6). pii: gin/30.6.2. Italian.

8)  Vascular Complications following kidney transplant: the role of Color-Doppler imaging Granata A; Floccari F; Lentini P, Vittoria S; Di Pietro F; Zamboli P; Fiorini,F;Fatuzzo P. G Ital Nefrol ,2012 vol 29 suppl 57 pp. S99-105

9)  Necrotizing pneumonia caused by Panton-Valentine leukocidin-producing methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA). Catena V, Baiocchi M, Lentini P, Badolati L, Baccarin M, Del Monte DD, Rubini A. Infez Med. 2012 Sep 1;20(3):205-10.

10)   Unconventional hemodiafiltration: double-high-flux and push-pull. Lentini P, Pellanda V, Contestabile A, Berlingo G, de Cal M, Ronco C, Dell'Aquila R. G Ital Nefrol. 2012 May-Jun;29 Suppl 55:S89-96.

11)   Bioelectrical impedance analysis in the assessment of hydration status in peritoneal dialysis patients.
Haapio M, Lentini P, House AA, de Cal M, Cruz DN, Gong D, Rodighiero MP, Dell'Aquila R, Ronco C.
Contrib Nephrol. 2012;178:238-45.

12) Sepsis and AKI in ICU Patients: The Role of Plasma Biomarkers. Lentini P, de Cal M, Clementi A, D'Angelo A, Ronco C. Crit Care Res Pract. 2012;2012:856401.

13)  Le barriere allo sviluppo della dialisi peritoneale non esistono Roberto Dell’Aquila, Graziella Berlingò, Valentina Pellanda, Andrea Contestabile,  Paolo Lentini, Anna Basso Giornale di Tecniche Nefrologiche & Dialitiche 2014; 26 (S5): S36-S38  DOI: 10.5301/GTND.2014.11912

14) Regular ultrasound examination of transplanted kidneys allows early diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma and conservative nephron sparing surgery Paolo Lentini, Antonio Granata, Antonino Ciancio, Maurizio Gallieni Archivio Italiano di Urologia e Andrologia 2011; 83, 4

15) B-type natriuretic Peptide in the critically ill with acute kidney injury. de Cal M, Haapio M, Cruz DN, Lentini P, House AA, Bobek I, Virzì GM, Corradi V, Basso F, Piccinni P, D'Angelo A, Chang JW, Rosner MH, Ronco C. Int J Nephrol. 2011

16)  Diagnosis and  therapy of exit-site infection in Peritoneal Dialysis: an update. Dell'aquila R, Berlingo' G, Pellanda V, Contestabile A, Lentini P. G Ital Nefrol. 2011 January-February; 28(1):39-47

17) An innovative technology for safe needle disconnection after hemodialysis. Lentini P, de Cal M, Chronopoulos A, Cruz D, Nalesso F, Garzotto F, Brendolan A, D'Angelo A, Ronco C.J Vasc Access. 2011 Jan 10

18) Heart-kidney biomarkers in patients undergoing cardiac stress testing. Haapio M, House AA, de Cal M, Cruz DN, Lentini P, Giavarina D, Fortunato A, Menghetti L, Salgarello M, Lupi A, Soffiati G, Fontanelli A, Zanco P, Ronco C. Int J Nephrol. 2010 Oct 20;2011.

19) Volume assessment in mechanically ventilated critical care patients  using bioimpedance vectorial analysis, brain natriuretic Peptide, and central venous pressure. House AA, Haapio M, Lentini P, Bobek I, de Cal M, Cruz DN, Virzì GM, Carraro R, Gallo G, Piccinni P, Ronco C. Int J Nephrol. 2010 Dec 2;2011.

20) The role of advanced oxidation protein products in intensive care unit patients with acute kidney   injury. Lentini P, de Cal M, Cruz D, Chronopoulos A, Soni S, Nalesso F, Zanella M, Garzotto F, Brendolan A, Piccinni P, Ronco C.  J Crit Care. 2010 Dec;25(4):605-9.

21) Removal of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin by extracorporeal therapies.
Bobek I, Gong D, DE Cal M, Cruz D, Chionh CY, Haapio M, Soni SS, Nalesso F, Lentini P, Garzotto F, Corradi V, Ronco C.  Hemodial Int. 2010 Jul;14(3):302-7

22) Oliguria, creatinine and other biomarkers of acute kidney injury. Ronco C, Grammaticopoulos S, Rosner M, De Cal M, Soni S, Lentini P, Piccinni P. Contrib Nephrol. 2010;164:118-27.

23) Plasma neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin is an early biomarker for acute kidney injury  
    in an adult ICU population. Cruz DN, de Cal M, Garzotto F, Perazella MA, Lentini P, Corradi V, Piccinni P, Ronco C. Intensive Care Med. 2010 Mar;36(3):444-51

24) Coupled plasma filtration adsorption (CPFA) versus emofiltrazione continua con regime intermittente di alti volumi (pHVHF) nel trattamento dello shock settico: uno studio pilota. P.Lentini, D. Cruz, F. Nalesso, M. de Cal, I. Bobek, F. Garzotto, M. Zanella,A. Brendolan, P. Piccinni e C Ronco G Ital Nefrol, Nov-Dec;26(6):695-703, 2009

25)NGAL: a biomarker of acute kidney injury and other systemic conditions. Soni SS, Cruz D, Bobek I, Chionh CY, Nalesso F, Lentini P, de Cal M, Corradi V, Virzi G, Ronco C.
Int Urol Nephrol. 2009 Jul 7.

26)  Machines for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Dinna Cruz, Ilona Bobek, Paolo Lentini, Sachin Soni, Chang Yin Chionh, and Claudio Ronco Seminars in Dialysis—Vol 22, No 2 (March–April) 2009 pp. 123–132

28) HLA-DR expression and apoptosis : a cross sectional controlled study in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients de Cal M, Cruz D, Corradi V, Nalesso F, Polanco N, Lentini P, Brendolan A, Tetta C, Ronco C. Blood Purification 2008; 26(3): 249-54

29) Oxidative Stress and “  monocyte reprogramming “ in septic patients with acute kidney injury requiring CRRT Silva S, de Cal M, Cruz D, Lentini P, Corradi V, Gallo G, Salvatori G, Verbine A, Pogoshyan L, Nalesso F, Brendolan A, Piccinni P, Ronco C.
Blood Purification 2008; 26(2): 188-92.

30)  Oxidative stress and “monocyte reprogramming” after kidney transplant: a longitudinal study.
de Cal M, Silva S, Cruz D, Basso F, Corradi V, Lentini P, Nalesso F, Dissegna D, Goepel V, Chiaramente S, Ronco C.Blood Purification 2008; 26(1): 105-110.

31) Effectiveness of polymyxin B-immobilized fiber column in sepsis : a systematic review
Cruz D, Perazella M, Bellomo R, de Cal M, Polanco N, Corradi V, Lentini P, Nalesso F, Ueno T, Ranieri VM, Ronco C Crit. Care 2007;11 (2): R47.

More Info.

Editorial Board

Luan D Truong
Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine
Methodist Hospital

Research Interest: Renal biopsy, transplantation pathology and biology, renal neoplasm and acute kidney injury.

More Info.
Velibor Tasic
Department of Pediatry & Pediatric Nephrology
University of Macedonia

Research Interest: Glomerulonephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, CAKUT, Tubulopathies, Acute kidney Injury, Vasculitis, Genetic and Rare Renal Diseases.

More Info.
Kunal Chaudhary
Department of Medicine
University of Missouri

Research Interest: Peritoneal Dialysis, Secondary Hypertension, CKD and Cardiovascular disease.

More Info.
Jeffrey Burke Halldorson
Associate Professor
Department of Transplant Surgery
More Info.
Hamar Peter
Associate Professor
Instititute of Pathophysiology
Semmelweis University

Research Interest: Transplantation, systemic lupus erythematodes, acute kidney injury, chronic renal failure and small non-coding RNAs (miRNA).

More Info.
Grazia Tamma
Assistant Professor
Department of Bioscience
University of Bari

Research Interest: Aquaporins, cytoskeleton, Calcium sensing receptor (CaSR), Pendrin, Salt and Water balance and Collecting duct Disorders.

More Info.
Yoshihide Ogawa
Kidney Disease Center
Tokyo-West Tokushukai Hospital

Research Interest: Urolithiasis and oxalate metabolism, Kidney transplantation and Pediatric urology.

More Info.
Andrzej J Jaroszynski
Department of Nephrology
Medical University of Lublin

Research Interest: Anaemia; hypertension; heart failure; sudden cardiac death; hyperphosphatemia; vascular calcification; atherosclerosis; chronic kidney disease; dialysis and diabetes.

More Info.
Robert Ekart
Assosiate Professor
Department of Dialysis
Maribor University Medical Centre

Research Interest: hemodialysis peritoneal dialysis cardiovascular disease hypertension kidney biopsy pulse wave velocity ambulatory blood pressure measurement.

More Info.
Tomislav Bulum
Research Associate
Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases
University Hospital Merkur
More Info.
Ayman Karkar
Assistant Professor
Department of Nephrology
London University

Research Interest: Haemodialysis, Haemodiafiltration, Infection Control and Anemia of CKD

More Info.
Paula Guedes de Pinho
Faculty of Pharmacy
Porto University

Research Interest: Renal cancer Cell field (using metabolomics approaches).

More Info.
Antonio Granata
Department of Nephrology and Dialysis
St. Giovanni di Dio Hospital Agrigento

Research Interest: Doppler Ultrasound, Imaging, Rare renal disease, ultrasound, contrast enhanced US, Renal biopsy, vascular access and transcriptomics.

More Info.
Manuel Macia Heras
Associate Professor
Department of Nephrology
Hospital Universitario Nuestra Senora de Candelaria

Research Interest: Diabetic nephropathy, microalbuminuria, pentoxiffilyne, TNF-alfa and inflammmation.

More Info.
Jacques Rottembourg
Department of Nephrology
Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital

Research Interest: Nephrology, Treatment of renal failure, Diabetes care, Heart transplantation and Plasmatic exchanges.

More Info.
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