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Archives of Hematology Case Reports and Reviews

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    Rohrlich Pierre Simon
    CHU de Nice
    Research Interest: Allogeneic Stem cell transplantation, immunity, acute lymphoid leukemia, red cell diseases

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    Yau Sui Yu
    Assistant Professor
    Open University of Hong Kong
    Hong Kong

    Research Interest: Medical � Surgical Nursing, Nursing Education, Patient Education

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    Paul Hartel
    Department of Histopatology
    Sligo University Hospital
    Research Interest: Lymphomas, Large Cell Lymphomas
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    Lingling Zhang
    Anhui Medical University
    Research Interest: 1. Autoimmune diseases Establishment of animal model with autoimmune diseases and GVHD, study of autoimmune disease mechanisms of RA, GVHD and Tumor. 2. Pharmacology Include Immune-pharmacology, Molecular Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology. Effect and safety evaluation of new drugs for anti-inflammatory and immune and study protocol design. Studies of cell signaling in inflammation and autoimmune diseases, pharmacological strategies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and phase I, II, III clinical trial for new drugs.

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    Mahdi Shahriari
    Associate Professor
    Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
    Research Interest: Neonatal anemia, Hemoglobinopathy, Hemophilia, Rare Bleeding Disorders, Childhood Malignancies
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