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Global Journal of Biotechnology and Biomaterial Science

    Aims and Scope

    with internet from any corner of the world. Published articles are permanently available and accessed by everyone once the articles complete all the pre-publishing reviews and procedures.

    Classification of Global Journal of Biotechnology and Biomaterials Science:
    • Biotechnology in food
    • Biotechnology in healthcare
    • Biotechnology in environment
    • Biotechnology in agriculture
    • Biotechnology in diagnostics
    • Biotechnology in therapeutics
    • Biotechnology in cosmetics
    • Innovation in biotechnology and bio-ethics
    • Partnerships, networks and joint ventures
    • Biotechnology in the developed and developing world Management
    • Economics of biotechnology
    • Political and social issues, metallic biomaterials, ceramic biomaterials, composites
    • Biomimetics, biomolecular assembly, nanobiomaterials, synthesis, characterization, chemical, physical, mechanical, biological and toxicological properties
    • Byproducts, bioimplants and medical devices, biofilms, bioimaging
    • BioMEMS/NEMS, biosensors, performance of biomaterials, physiology and pathology
    • Biomechanics, biological microarrays, surface functionalization, porous biomaterials
    • Combinatorial gradients, micro-/nanofabrication systems, cell patterning
    • Cellular microenvironments, interactions between biomaterials 

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