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International Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology

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Publisher Information

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Jie Yin
Research Assistant
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interest: Nutrition with emphasis on how nutrition (amino acids) and diet affect growth performance, immune system, oxidative balance, and nutritional absorption. Meanwhile, oxidative stress (birth and weaning oxidative injury), antioxidant signal, oxidative stress-inflammation, and antioxidant agent (such as amino acids) are also focused.

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Yanshan Cui
College of Resources and Environment
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interest: Contaminants in soil/food and their risk assessment

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Ralf Blank
Senior Scientist
Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology
University of Kiel

Research Interest: Mycotoxins, especially Ochratoxin A in Animal Nutrition

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Jiwan Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Engineering
Kwangwoon University
South Korea

Research Interest: Solid waste management; Composting; Vermicomposting; Bioavailability and chemical speciation of heavy metals; Characterization and analysis of solid wastes; Water and waste water treatment; Ecological Engineering; Remediation of soil pollutants; Recovery of heavy metals from solid waste; Phytoremediation; Synthesis and environmental applications of nanomaterials.

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Xinhua Qi
Agro-Environmental Protection Institute
The Ministry of Agriculture

Research Interest: Biomass; Agricultural Wastes; Biofuel; Lignocellulose; Value-Added Chemicals

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Zong Ping Zheng
Associate Professor
Jiangnan University

Research Interest: Tyrosinase Inhibitors And Their Structure-Activity Relationships, Inhibitory Mechanism, Design and Synthesis Of Tyrosinase Inhibitors. Formation Mechanism And Control Strategy Of Harmful Substances of Maillard Reaction. Active Components from Plants, Fruits, Vegetables, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Their Physiological Functions

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Jian Xu
National key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interest: Biomass to biofuels and chemicals, Lignin conversion to materials and chemicals, Green Pre-treatment technology development, Hot water pretreatment optimization; Microwave/ultrasonic assisted pretreartment; Gene-modified energy crops; Structural change on biomass during the pretreatment, Pretreatment Reactor development

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Elisa Bona
Department of Science and Innovation Technologically
University of Eastern Piedmont

Research Interest: 1. Proteomic analysis of Plant-microbe interactions with special reference to plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB) and arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbiosis;

2. Effects of PGPB and AM fungi on crop quality with particular interest in food quality improvement;

3. Effects of PGPB and AM fungi on plants exposed to biotic (phytopathogenic fungi and phytoplasma) and abiotic (heavy metals) stresses; 

4. Analysis of soil quality using microorganisms as bioindicators;

5. Effects of essential oils on opportunistic human pathogen; 

6. Proteomic of clinical pathogens.

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Jin Seop Bak
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Advanced Biomass R&D Center

Research Interest: Bioenergy, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Food Science, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Systems Biology, Chemical Engineering, Physical Biology, and Biomimetics.

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Celso Barbosa de Sant Anna Filho
National Institute of Metrology
National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology

Research Interest: Biometrology, Bionanotechnology, Bioenergy, Biomass, electron, light and atomic force microscopy

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Martin Svoboda
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
Czech Republic

Research Interest: My research interest include noninfectious diseases, metabolism of microelements and welfare in pigs

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Farouk El-Sabban
Nutrition and Physiology
Kuwait University

Research Interest: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Nutrition, Physiology and Public Health. 

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Jinsong Bao
College of Agriculture and Biotechnology
Zhejiang University

Biography: Jinsong Bao is currently a professor in the Institute of Nuclear Agricultural Sciences at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. He received his B.S. (1993) and M.S. (1996) degrees in horticulture from Zhejiang Agricultural University, and his Ph.D. degree in biophysics from Zhejiang University in 1999. His research interests are in molecular genetics of rice quality, more specifically in the areas of starch quality, nutritional quality, genetic mapping, and molecular breeding. His current research projects are 1) new markers for SSIIa gene and their relation to gelatinization temperature, 2) candidate gene mapping for rice quality and yield, and 3) molecular breeding of new rice high in nutraceutical properties and health benefits. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed research articles and three book chapters in these areas, and has received two professional awards for his achievements in the genetic study and molecular improvement of rice quality from Zhejiang Provincial Government. He has awarded the "Young Scientist Research Award" from AACCI, and Zhejiang Young Science and Technology Award from the Zhejiang Association of Science and Technology. He has traveled and worked extensively in Hong Kong and USA. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in mutational genetics, and developmental biology in plants. He is a member of the editorial board of the Cereal Chemistry (SCI), Genes & Genomics (SCI), and Open Journal of Genetics.

Research Interest: Rice Quality: Genetics & Molecular Breeding

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Amirhossein Pirmoradi
Agricultural Department
University of Razi

Research Interest: Plans to Combat Desertification, ill ages of Khuzestan Province Using AHP Model, Small and Medium Enterprises in Agriculture Sector Technical problems of gardening

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Jose M Lorenzo
Meat Technology Centre of Galicia
Parque Tecnológico de Galicia

Research Interest: Dry-cured meat products, Fatty acid profile, Amino acid composition, Physico-chemical properties, Sensory characteristics, Microbiology

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Published On: April 13, 2018 | Pages: 001 - 002

Author(s): B Manikandan, P Anusuyadevi* and SP Sevarkodiyone
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An Empirical Analysis of the effect of Agricultural Input on Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria

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Author(s): Genet Dadi* Mengistu Urge and Tsegay Teklebrhan
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Physicochemical properties of Ethiopian Beeswax, the case of South Wollo zone, Amhara Region

Published On: September 15, 2017 | Pages: 061 - 066

Author(s): Addisu Bihonegn*, Desalegn Begna, Asaminew Tassew and Zeleke Mekuriaw
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Coprecipitation procedure for speciation of chromium in some dairy food product and water samples by FAAS

Published On: August 31, 2017 | Pages: 055 - 060

Author(s): Şerife Saçmacı*
Abstract View Full Article View DOI: 10.17352/2455-815X.000023

Influence of Slaughtering Ages on Carcass Characteristics, Meat Composition and Haematology of Extensively Managed Red Sokoto Bucks Slaughtered In Abeokuta Metropolis, Nigeria

Published On: August 07, 2017 | Pages: 049 - 054

Author(s): Amosu Semethon David, Oderinwale Olatunde Akeem*, Jolaosho Oladapo Oluwadamilare, Sanusi Ganiyu Omotayo and Oluwatosin Bamidele Omonuwa
Abstract View Full Article View DOI: 10.17352/2455-815X.000022

Determination of Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and Cd after Heat Treatment in some vegetables and Green Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) grown in the Middle Black Sea Region

Published On: August 01, 2017 | Pages: 042 - 048

Author(s): S Fatma Aygun*
Abstract View Full Article View DOI: 10.17352/2455-815X.000021

Quality Characteristics of shortbread Biscuit Fortified with Fermented Jack bean Flour

Published On: July 26, 2017 | Pages: 036 - 041

Author(s): Ogori Akama Friday*, FF Ajayi, OA Folorunsho and AF Ogori
Abstract View Full Article View DOI: 10.17352/2455-815X.000020

Isolation and Characterization of Microsatellite Markers in Canthon (Petelcanthon) Staigi (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) and Cross-Amplifi cation in Related Species

Published On: May 23, 2017 | Pages: 032 - 035

Author(s): GAS Cruz*, CA Ferreira-Neto, AC Lira-Neto and RC Moura*
Abstract View Full Article View DOI: 10.17352/2455-815X.000019

Detection of Viable but Nonculturable Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Ground Beef by Propidium Monoazide real-time PCR

Published On: May 20, 2017 | Pages: 026 - 031

Author(s): Jehan Mahmoud Mahmoud Ouf, Yuan Yuan, Prashant Singh and Azlin Mustapha*
Abstract View Full Article View DOI: 10.17352/2455-815X.000018