Research Article

    In Vitro Effect of Zinc: Evaluation of the Sperm Quality of Endangered Trout Salmo Coruhensis and Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus Mykiss and Fertilizing Capacity

    DOI Logo 10.17352/2455-8400.000028

    Published On: June 30, 2017 | Pages: 046 - 050

    Author(s): Mehmet Kocabaş and Filiz Kutluyer*
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    Dose Dependent Treatment with Boric Acid Induces More Changes in the Sperm Cells of Endangered Anatolian Trout Salmo Rizeensis

    DOI Logo 10.17352/2455-8400.000027

    Published On: June 29, 2017 | Pages: 042 - 045

    Author(s): Filiz Kutluyer*and Mehmet Kocabaş
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    Comparison of the Crossbreeding Effects of Three Mandarin Fish Populations and Analyses of the Microsatellite Loci Associated with the Growth Traits of F1 Progenies

    DOI Logo 10.17352/2455-8400.000026

    Published On: June 24, 2017 | Pages: 035 - 041

    Author(s): Qingkai Zeng, Chengfei Sun, Junjian Dong, Yuanyuan Tian and Xing Ye*
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    Miscellaneous Marine Fishes Caught under PFZ and Non-PFZ Realm off Ratnagiri Coast, Maharashtra State, India

    DOI Logo 10.17352/2455-8400.000025

    Published On: May 16, 2017 | Pages: 030 - 034

    Author(s): Tingote RS and Mane UH*
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    Review Article

    Exposure of Fishery Resources to Environmental and Socioeconomic Threats within the Pantanal Wetland of South America

    DOI Logo 10.17352/2455-8400.000024

    Published On: May 04, 2017 | Pages: 022 - 029

    Author(s): Cleber JR Alho* and Roberto E Reis
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