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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Developmental Research provide an unrestricted access to information in the field of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences by covering wide and diversified themes like drug discovery and development, adverse drug events and toxicological ef

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Editorial Board

Hussein O Ammar
Pharmaceutical Technology
National Research Centre

Research Interest: Novel drug delivery systems, targeted delivery systems, nanotechnology and cyclodextrins.

Pinar Erkekoglu
Department of Toxicology
Hacettepe University

Research Interest: Reproductive disorders, endocrine diseases and oxidative stress induced by endocrine disrupting chemicals, particularly by phthalates, the protective role of selenium against oxidative stress and the toxic effects of aromatic amines

Yike Zou
Department of Chemistry
University of Pennsylvania

Research Interest: Organic Chemistry: Total Synthesis of Complex Natural Product. Computational Chemistry: Conformational Analysis, Molecular Modelling and Spectra Simulation. Natural Product Discovery: Isolation, Structural Elucidation, and Absolute Configuration Deter-mination of Natural Product.

Muhammad Shahzad
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
University of Health Sciences

Research Interest: Molecular mechanisms/pathways involved in asthma,  Mechanism of action of herbal medicines,  Development of disease models of animals,  Pharmacogenetics,  Pharmacognosy,  Alternative Medicine  Pharmacological and adverse effects of herbal medicine , The identification of the active principle of medicinal plants,  Quality standardization of herbal medicines,  Mechanism of action of botanical medicines for the management of asthma, diabetic complications and other diseases.

Cui Yang
Ethnic Drug Screening and Pharmacology Center
Yunnan Minzu University

Research Interest: 1. Cardiovascular pharmacology, especially new therapeutic targets for atherosclerosis, hypertension and vasculogenesis;2. Screening of TCM and ethnic drugs.

Khaled RA Abdellatif
Beni-Suef University

Research Interest: Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry.

Thierry Vandamme
University of Strasbourg

Research Interest: Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Cell Culture,Genetic Engineering, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medical Neurosciences, Pharmaceutical Development.

Mohammed I El-Gamal
Assistant Professor
Medicinal Chemistry
University of Mansoura

Research Interest: Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design.• Organic Synthesis.• Bioorganic Chemistry.• Biological evaluation of therapeutically-efficient organic compounds, including pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.• Molecular modeling and chemoinformatics.• Molecular Imaging.

Shyamal Das
National School of Pharmacy
University of Otago
New Zealand

Research Interest: Cancer Research, Cancer Biology, Pharmacy,Physical Chemistry, Material Characterization,Cancer Therapy, Respiratory Medicine, Solid-State Chemistry.

Gilson Khang
Chonbuk National University
South Korea

Research Interest: Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering , Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine, Biodegradation.

Raffaele Capasso
Department of Pharmacy
University of Naples

Research Interest: Role of cannabinoid, vanilloid and kappa-opioid receptors in the gastrointestinal tract, both in physiological (e.g. intestinal motility) and pathophysiological states (e.g. inflammation and cancer); Ethnopharmacological studies on medicinal plants and their active ingredients used in  traditional medicine; Clinical pharmacology of herbal products; Nutritional pharmacology.

El-Sayed Mohamed
Pharmacology and Toxicology Department
Al-Azhar University

Research Interest: selectively deliver their therapeutic cargo to the diseased tissues with cellular and subcellular accuracy. These optimized drug delivery systems will enhance the therapeutic activity of the incorporated drug while eliminating or minimizing its potential side effects. Our research approach is multidisciplinary in nature and utilizes a wide range of sophisticated techniques including polymer and bioconjugate chemistry, radiochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, microscopy, in vitro cell culture, and in vivo evaluation using animal models. We actively collaborate with other clinicians and basic scientists to develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic systems that can eventually move into the clinic and produce a positive impact on patient care.

Kai Xiao
Associate Professor
West China Hospital
Sichuan University

Research Interest: Pharmacology & Toxicology,Experimental pharmacology;Toxicology.

Qiusheng Zheng
Binzhou Medical University

Research Interest: Reactive Oxygen Species, Apoptosis, Signaling Pathways, Western Blot, Phosphorylation, Superoxide Dismutase, NADPH Oxidase, Monocytes

Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi
Division of Pharmaceutical Technology
University of Helsinki

Research Interest: Biomaterials, Nanomedicine, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Nanovaccines, targeted drug delivery, nanotoxicity, surface biofunctionalization, cell-nanoparticle interactions.

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Moringa Oleifera: Panaromic View on Nutritional, Therapeutic Activity and Patent Landscape

Published On: February 09, 2017 | Pages: 024 - 028

Author(s): Powar Priyatama V*
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Effects of Duration of Treatment, HIV and HCV Co-Infection on Hematological and Hepatic Functions in Libyan Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Published On: January 30, 2017 | Pages: 017 - 023

Author(s): Fadya A Menesi, Mabroka A El- Majdob, Saleh E Mghil, Isam Denna, Ghazala Othman, Mustafa YG Younis, Faraj El -Shari, Abdulkader H El-Debani, Fathi M Sherif* and Awad G Abdellatif
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In Silico Estimation of Skin Concentration of Dermally Metabolized Chemicals

Published On: January 23, 2017 | Pages: 007 - 016

Author(s): Tomomi Hatanaka, Saki Yamamoto, Mayuko Kamei, Wesam R Kadhum, Hiroaki Todo and Kenji Sugibayashi*
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Development and Evaluation of Rutin -HPβCD Inclusion Complex Based Mouth Dissolving Tablets

Published On: January 21, 2017 | Pages: 001 - 006

Author(s): Hitendra S Mahajan*and Krishna G Bhalkar
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Synergistic Action in Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests between Spilanthes Calva Aerial Parts and Tubers of Colocasia Esculenta

Published On: December 23, 2016 | Pages: 023 - 026

Author(s): Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Bhuiyan, Ummey Jannatun Nahar, Md Najmul Hossain and Mohammed Rahmatullah*
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Edaravone Protects against Vascular Oxidative Damage Induced by AAPH in Chick Embryo

Published On: December 01, 2016 | Pages: 019 - 022

Author(s): Xin Wan, Meng-Xun Luo, Chong Jie, Tong Wu, Gui-Yuan Yu, Yi- Fang Li, Rong-Rong He and Hiroshi Kurihara*
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Diabesity Increases Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

Published On: October 01, 2016 | Pages: 012 - 018

Author(s): Dayre A, Pouvreau C, Butkowski EG, de Jong B and Jelinek HF*
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Antidiabetic, Antihypertensive and Statin Medication Use in Metabolic Syndrome

Published On: April 01, 2016 | Pages: 006 - 011

Author(s): Ie Butkowski E, Brix L, Al-Aubaidy HA, Kiat H and Jelinek HF*
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Comparative Chemical Composition of the Essential Oils from Hedyotis Diffusa WILLD and Hedyotis Corymbosa Lam by GC-MS

Published On: January 18, 2016 | Pages: 001 - 005

Author(s): Wu Jian, Yang Tairan, Xu Ying, Zhang Yi and Xiang Zheng*
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Advancements in Microemulsion Based Drug Delivery Systems for Better Therapeutic Effects

Published On: August 31, 2015 | Pages: 008 - 015

Author(s): Gyanesh Kumar Sahu, Harish Sharma, Anshita Gupta and Chanchal Deep Kaur*
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